The rain is pouring, the wind is blustering, and the jackets are back out — that’s right folks, Dutch summer has arrived.

This year’s false starts to summer have been particularly cruel. We’ve been subjected to some kind of mind game by the weather gods, with our hopes raised by a week of sunshine — immediately followed by a week of clouds and downpour. Rinse and repeat.

So is this week different? Ahhhh.

Today: dreary with a chance of sun

If there’s nothing you like better than going into Albert Heijn, walking out, and getting absolutely drenched in a surprise rain shower — good news!

There are some scattered showers today, particularly in the east of the country, says Buienradar’s Leander de Wit. However, in the west, we will be graced with a small dose of sunshine (and that valuable Vitamin D that comes with it).

Hold onto your hats though, because southwest winds will be blowing. A code yellow has been issued by the KNMI for heavy winds of up to 80 kilometres an hour at sea.


Tomorrow: sun with a chance of dreariness

“This will be the best day of the week,” says De Wit. Feeling hopeful? Don’t. We’ll be seeing some regular sunshine, but there will still be scattered showers in the north and northeast. And a potential thunderstorm is also on the cards.

The temperature will only get up to 18 degrees in the afternoon. “Four degrees too cold for the time of year,” says De Wit.

Wednesday: the worst day of the week

No sun, and a whole lot of rain — that’s the forecast for hump day this week. “It will be a really dreary day for that matter. The wind also picks up a bit. It will not get warmer than 18 degrees.”

Will next week be a fresh start?

If you’re craving sunshine, you might just get it this week. “This week is miserable. Towards Friday there are weather models that are slowly hinting at the construction of a high-pressure area,” says De Wit.

In non-meteorologist terms that means we could have far less rain — and maybe even a completely dry weekend.v “Next week could, therefore, be a better week with higher temperatures.”

How are you dealing with the recent Dutch weather? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Kian Lem/Unsplash


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