A code yellow warning has been issued for stormy weather today in the Netherlands. This is especially true of coastal areas. However, it’s not expected to last too long (from the early hours of Tuesday morning and it will die down in the evening – around 9pm). 

Yup, that’s right, it’s blowing a hooley out there today


Code Yellow

High winds and in some cases heavy rain is expected for many of us today. It has already reached over 100 km/ph in the Wadden, so it’s pretty damn windy today. In the Wadden, this is expected to bring in more fallen cargo and the beach is expected to be littered again. There is also a risk that they will damage the dykes due to the high water levels.

Wind force 8 is expected over the rest of the country, with coastal regions and the north reaching wind speeds of over 100 km/ph. Southern areas should expect a bit less, but also very windy and stormy conditions.



Flights cancelled, traffic jams expected

KLM has cancelled 159 flights as a precaution due to the weather today. These are European return flights. Reroutes are in place and people on these cancelled routes have already been informed (so don’t panic)!

Delays are also expected, but it’s impossible to predict how bad they will be until the weather unfolds without the day. So if you’re flying today, keep checking your flight info.

If you’re driving then expect delays too! Rush hour in the Netherlands is expected to be much worse than usual due to the weather. Large traffic jams have already been reported throughout the country.

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