Hang those raincoats up and put those umbrellas away: no rain is forecasted for this week

Autumn is rolling out all of its beautiful colours, it’s getting chilly outside, and you’re making your homes as gezellig as possible to prepare for the oncoming winter. Should you layer up in raincoats and get your umbrellas out this week, though? You may not have to because starting tomorrow, it’s going to be the driest week in October, reports RTL Nieuws

For anyone looking to enjoy a nice walk around the wooded areas in the Netherlands can rejoice! There was a bit of rain this morning, but it’s gradually going to get better as the day progresses. It is going to be cloudy with just a hint of sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. It will be around 14-17 degrees with moderate wind blowing through the country.

Image: Albrecht Fietz/Pixabay

In the night, there’s going to be some rain in the western provinces and coastal areas of the country but it should stay mostly dry, reports Weeronline. Expect pleasant temperatures of 8-10 degrees.

But will the sun be shining through?

Starting from tomorrow, it’s going to get drier with only a few light showers. But no rain does not mean the sun will be shining through because there might be thick fog which might be difficult for it to breakthrough. But when it does manage to do that, the temperatures are set to go up to 20 degrees on Thursday in Limburg. The rest of the country will have to endure lower temperatures of 18 degrees.

How are you going to enjoy the driest week in October? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Albrecht Fietz/Pixabay

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