In case you somehow haven’t noticed, it’s a hot day today in the Netherlands, with some parts reaching almost 20 degrees Celsius. IN FEBRUARY. Last year we all skating on the canals on this day, so it’s been a drastic change already.

Right now it’s a mix between, “wow, this weather! Wonderful, it’s like summer!” To “holy sh*t, climate change is coming thick and fast, crryyy.”

The current temperature in De Bilt is 18.4 degrees (yet higher in other areas). According to this has been the hottest recorded temperature in De Bilt since measurements begin in 1901. Last Monday was originally the hottest, but today has taken over. It’s set to be even warmer for some of us tomorrow too! Apart from last Monday, the last time we saw it this warm was in 1959 when it reached 17.3 degrees.

It’s hot tomorrow but it won’t last…

We’re set for another gorgeous day tomorrow but then it’s back to normal-ish temperatures and a chance of rain showers. Then god knows what the weather has in store for us – it’s all over the place. We really should have temperatures of around 7 degrees right now and instead, in some places, it’s 20. It will drop down to 11, but it will be interesting to see what happens from then on.

How are you liking this weather? Let us know in the comments!


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