More dry weather to come!

It may come as no surprise, but this year, after we all prayed for the Netherlands to actually get some sunshine, it did just that. 2018 is set to be one of the driest years on record so far, mainly due to this. We’re only halfway through yet though, so we’ll see if the rain takes its vengeance on us.

For at least the next 2 weeks, could be longer, we are looking at more dry and hot weather. Great for the sun lovers out there, so not good for everything else. Around the country, measures to conserve water are now taking place, as the Netherlands prepares for no rainfall. People are encouraged not to waste water and not to take long showers, but overall we don’t have anything to panic about – our water is still manageable (phew)!

For a change, I’m using a tumbleweed for its actual purpose and not because something is awkward. Thankfully it’s not THAT hot. 😉


Bushfire worry

What the Netherlands is worried about, however, is bushfires taking hold. Some have already been reported around the country and the fire service has issued the highest alert. This will be managed by more patrols and we are encouraged to take extra care when outside, so that we don’t start fires by accident (or on purpose of course). Keep hold of those BBQ’s after you’ve had a few, and don’t go driving your car through long grass and park there – the hot engine could ignite a fire and you can kiss goodbye to your beloved. I’m guilty of doing this the other day to sunbathe somewhere, and thankfully it didn’t happen (didn’t even cross my mind), so bear that in mind.

Enjoy the sun otherwise!


Do you enjoy this weather? Let us know in the comments! 



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