After an unusual amount of sun and warmth last week, this week has remembered that it’s November in the Netherlands. But it’s not all doom and gloom, as the rain will remain a little shy in the coming days.

Today will be quite mild, with a maximum temperature of 15 degrees. A rain cloud will briefly sweep across the country, starting in the south around 1 PM and making its way to Amsterdam by around 7 PM this evening, according to Buienradar. But regardless of where you are, the rain should only last a couple of hours before moving on, meaning you can cycle around dry for most of the day!

Cooling temperatures

Get your coats ready — from tomorrow, maximum temperatures will drop to 13 degrees, with minimum temperatures reaching seven degrees on Friday. Over the weekend, it will warm up by a couple of degrees again before diving to maximum temperatures of 10 degrees by Thursday next week.

Where did the rain go?

Although scatterings of showers are expected to dot the nation over the coming week, with more frequent rain on Thursday and Sunday especially, in general, the rain will be kept at bay. Wednesday and Friday will see almost no rain, and next week is looking to follow suit. So take the opportunity to go for a not-so-drenched walk, but take that brolly with you anyhow if you go out this weekend.

How will you be taking advantage of the dry weather? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Vishwas Katti/Unsplash


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