There’s this lovely Dutch word called ‘gevoelstemperatuur’ now before you break your tongue by trying to pronounce it, I looked it up on the interwebz to see what the proper English phrase for it is – turns out it’s called ‘windchill’ (instead of the official Dunglish translation of gefeelingstemperature). Good to know since this week the ‘windchill’ will be at a forking minus 17 degrees!

The weather this week in the Netherlands

In the coming days we can expect some real winter cold. Up to and including Friday the temperatures are just below freezing. At the end of the week, the thermometer can drop to -10 degrees in some places at night. During the day it is just below zero, but just like the last few days it can feel a lot colder outside by the wind. That was also this morning: it was 3 to 5 degrees below zero, but it felt a lot colder.

There might be some snow later in the week, the news will give us useless tips like ‘don’t let grandma outside for a ski-adventure of 2 days this week’ and obviously each and every true Dutchie will ramble on about ice-skating (we will too).

This is Amsterdam for the next 7 days, doesn’t look too bad right?

Good luck everybody tomorrow and don’t forget to send us your gorgeous icey pictures!

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