A Stranger Gifted a Child a Teddy Bear – with a Camera Inside

Image: Zeeland-Flanders Politie

A two-year-old child was with his parents at a flea-market in Zuidzande, Zeeland, when they were approached by an unknown man. The man said he thought the child was sweet and wanted to gift him with a teddy bear. The parents were unaware that a camera and microphone were hidden inside. 

Stranger danger alert, Dutch Reviewers! The parents were alerted later the day when they felt something hard inside the teddy-bear. Upon closer investigation, they found the recording equipment hidden inside, report Zeeland Flanders Police. The bear’s cute button nose? Actually a camera lens.

But, let’s be fair here. It’s possible this was just a kind stranger who really thought the kid was just a cutie. Why are we giving him the benefit of the doubt? Because there were no batteries inside. That means no recording could take place.

Let’s also take into account that this was at a flea-market. It’s possible that the man picked it up at a stall not knowing it was previously some sort of nanny-cam.

Regardless, the police are warning people of similar situations. Don’t take candy (or teddy bears) from strangers, kids!

Ever had a weird situation with a stranger? Let us know your story in the comments below!

Image: Politieteam Zeeland-Flanders Facebook


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