Dutch Police Send Out Mass Text with an ‘Accidental’ Link to the Chubby Parade (Yup, that’s Porn)

The Dutch police made a painful mistake this week when sending out a text message calling for witnesses of a house fire in Nieuwleusen to report to the police. Instead of a link to the police website, the message contained a link to a porn site.

This morning, the police sent a targeted SMS bomb, a message to all people who were in a certain area at a given time. In this case it concerned possible witnesses of a house fire on July 14 in Nieuwleusen in which a 22-year-old man died (no laughing matter there). His 16-year-old brother is suspected of lighting the fire.

The police regret linking to the website Chubby Parade

The police say they regret the mistake. “This error occurred because an SMS has a maximum number of characters,” a spokesperson explains to RTV Oost. “Because our SMS was apparently too long, a number of characters from the link have disappeared. Very unfortunate, because the new link will lead you to a porn website. Fortunately, you will first see a warning.”

But then, yes people, we’re getting there, the link takes you to something very naughty. The Chubby Parade! If you must, here’s the link: bit.ly/2Kncj

thanks warren76.

The police have now sent a new text message with the correct link. Two letters have been added to the URL.

Sure police, sure…

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