Home Reviews Attractions Here’s how you can enjoy the Dutch tulip fields — entirely corona-proof! 

Here’s how you can enjoy the Dutch tulip fields — entirely corona-proof! 

Here’s how you can enjoy the Dutch tulip fields — entirely corona-proof! 
Image: Renzy/Supplied

The Netherlands: the land of curfew, corona tests and quarantine — at least for now. 

But what if we told you that the tulips are coming back and you can actually visit those sprawling, Instagram-worthy, world-famous flower fields without putting yourself at risk? Here’s how!  

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

For many, the Netherlands is almost synonymous with fields of brightly coloured tulips, and who can blame them? From late March to May, the country’s landscape is transformed into what can only be described as a rainbow striped, patchwork blanket. 

Usually when tulip season hits, tourists, internationals and Dutchies alike will find themselves cycling or bussing out to popular areas such as the Keukenhof to soak up that spring feeling and snap some colourful pics. 

Enjoy a Dutch tulip field experience in 2021: a corona-proof activity

While the annual visits to the tulip fields had to unfortunately stop last year, this year, Dennis from Renzy has found a way for visitors to enjoy the tulip fields during coronavirus times — and it’s completely coronavirus-proof! 

You heard right: there’s finally something to do other than reading, telling yourself you’ll get into yoga, and endlessly staring at screens. Grab your best camera, arm yourself with a revitalised sense of purpose, and head out for an unobstructed view of the tulip fields. 

Renzy’s corona-proof tulip tour uses Renault Twizies! Image: Renzy/Supplied.

Renzy’s tulip tour is private and self-guided and uses small electric cars, GPS, and an audio tour. With this, groups of two can travel to field upon field of tulips surrounding the Keukenhof flower park!

Dutch tulips and a corona-proof environment

Usually, a tour of the tulip fields involves a bit of shoulder-rubbing with fellow tulip-lovers. Renzy has found a way to eliminate this element of risk.

Enjoy a private tour in small groups

First, your entire tour group will consist of only people that you invited. Renzy’s tours are private, meaning that you can arrange for a tour in a group of two or as a family/household. 

Not only will participants be divided into pairs but it will also be only your group who will take part in the tour during your chosen time slot.

Two-person electric cars

Renzy enlists the help of the Renault Twizy in order to achieve a corona-proof tour. As cute as it sounds, these tiny (and silent) 100% electric cars are not only environmentally friendly — but they also only fit two people. 

You and your friend can travel together safely during Renzy’s tulip field tour. Image: Renzy/Supplied.

This means you can arrange for you and someone else from your own household to explore the tulips, freeing yourself from the worry of infection. 

Safety precautions

Renzy has also made sure to impose strict coronavirus safety precautions. During check-in and instruction, participants are asked to remain at least 1.5 metres apart.

On top of this, the Twizys are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the beginning of each tour and passengers and drivers are asked to disinfect their hands before jumping in. 

Self-guided tour through the tulip fields with Renzy

You can take the tour at your own pace within the 120-minute time slot. Want to stop for a moment and snap a selfie with the tulips? Go ahead! 

The two-seater cars fit one driver and one passenger. Image: Renzy/Supplied.

You’ll find that there’s plenty of time during the tour, so a little photo-shoot here and there won’t make you late. You’re not only taking the tour, but making the tour, so you get to decide when and where you want to stop. 

You and your fellow rider will sit one behind the other as you cruise around the tulips in your own little bubble. One drives, the other lounges, but both of you can chill as you soak in a colourful sea of tulips. 

GPS and audio-guided tour of the tulip fields

Neither of you will need to worry about burying your head in a map or phone screen either. Your two-person Twizy will come fit with a GPS and audio tour (available in Dutch, English and German) to help guide you through the fields and even tell you some fun tulip facts! 

Off the beaten tourist-track 

The great thing about finding yourself cruising in a camouflage buggy instead of a crowd of tourists — aside from, y’know, not catching corona — is that the scope of your tulip tour is significantly expanded. Your GPS will guide you as you drive a 20-kilometre route around the tulip and flower fields surrounding the Keukenhof. 

Renzy wants to offer its visitors something that isn’t just safe, but also different. The tour doesn’t follow the usual tourist bus routes. Instead, you’ll find yourself whizzing along country roads at your own pace, enjoying unobstructed views and you’ll even stop at an authentic tulip farm!

KIDSTOUR: a child friendly, corona-proof tour of the tulip fields

Renzy’s corona-proof tulip tours are not only great for those looking to snap some selfies and remind themselves of life outside of lockdown — but also for families with children. Time to get those quarantine kids out of the house and into the tulip fields (who knows, maybe it will tire them out a bit.)

Renzy’s tulip tours are also great for the kids. Take part in their tulip tour treasure hunt! Image: Renzy/Supplied.

A tulip field tour with a treasure hunt

The KIDSTOUR package offers two fully charged Renault Twizys (meaning two adults and two children can take part), 120 minutes of tour time and a treasure hunt to keep the kids busy. 

Renzy has crafted a challenging treasure hunt specifically for children between the ages of 4 and 18. During this interactive tour, children are challenged to “crack the code from the safe” by spotting hidden clues along the tour. 

Who said tulip tours are just for kids? Renzy’s tours cater to the whole family! Image: Renzy/Supplied.

They will learn everything there is to know about our iconic tulip in an entertaining and engaging way and at the end of the tour, they can use the clues to open the safe and win a cool prize!

Sign me up! Where can I book a tour of the tulips?  

Ready to forget corona-times for a bit and frolic amongst the flowers? Us too. Signing up for Renzy’s tulip tour is easy! Simply, head on over to Renzy.nl to complete your booking. 


You pay per Twizy, meaning that for two people, a corona-proof GPS tour of 120 minutes will cost you €89. Split that price between yourself and your friend and you’re only paying €44.50! 

For the family package (two Twizies for two adults and two children + a treasure hunt) you’ll pay only €120. 

Note: You must pay a deposit of €150 in advance. After all, you are also being set loose with a (small, but very much real) car. This means that you must also pay an excess (eigen risico) of €500 per Twizy. 


Ready to hop on board a Twizy and catcall some tulips? Great! You’ll need to select your time slot. Renzy’s Tulip and Flower Fields GPS audio tour is available from March 20 until May 9 and they offer two hour tours between the hours of: 

  • 10.00 – 12.00
  • 13.00 – 15.00
  • 16.00 – 18.00
  • 19.00 – 21.00.
Renzy’s Tip: book an evening tour and have the tulip fields all for yourself while enjoying a beautiful sunset.


Of course, there are some practicalities that you need to be aware of before signing yourself up. Firstly — and we hope this is obvious — drivers of the Twizy need a driver’s license.

On top of this, you must be over 21 years old and have held your driver’s licence for at least three years. If your license is not from the EU, North America, South America or Australia, you are asked to bring an international driver’s license if your own is not in English. 

It’s also important to remember that ultimately, the tulips are a natural phenomenon, meaning farmers don’t have much control over when exactly they will bloom. In the Netherlands, tulip season usually begins in April and lasts until early May. 

Ready to beep beep your way along a corona-proof tour of the Netherlands’ tulip fields? Great! Find yourself an equally enthusiastic Twizy partener, reach out to Renzy and hit the road, Jack! 

Want more than tulips? Renzy offers tours around the Netherlands year-round! They can show you around some of Holland’s best dunes, beaches, windmills and countrysides and they have had many happy customers

Will you be taking a tiptoe through the tulip fields this year? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Renzy/Supplied


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