Surprisingly enough, it’s not all tulips, tulips, tulips here in Holland – we have other beautiful places to visit this spring. One of these is the Amsterdamse Bos when the cherry blossom trees have bloomed.

Source: Pixabay

With over 400 Japanese cherry trees ready to bloom in Amsterdamse Bos, it’s certainly something you or your Instagram can’t miss. 19 Years ago these Japanese cherry trees were donated by the Japanese community. All 400 of these trees even have names: 200 female Dutch names and 200 male.

Every year the cherry blossom festival (Hanami Matsuri) takes place, but unfortunately this year it has been cancelled. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t go and see the beautiful blossoms! 

Cherry blossoms in Amsterdam

If you would like to go and see the cherry blossoms then the end of March – the start of April is the best time for it. Take a picnic, take your camera and enjoy all the spring has to offer here in the Netherlands.

Source: Flickr/currystrumpet

Not going all the way to the Amsterdam Bos to see the cherry blossom? Well, go to the Westerpark in that case, they’ve got quite a few of these trees as well for you to snap pics at.

Will you be going? Let us know in the comments!


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