It’s one of those clichés we don’t really want to escape from (goodbye stupid clogs!) the blooming of the flower fields in the Netherlands is one of those seasonal traditions, like Kingsday, that has grown on the country. Not for a small part is this new found appreciation because of the genuine and massive attention and pure love for our brightly colored flower fields from abroad.

So every year there are more people flocking to them and every year we get better photos with 50% more flowery magic added to them. Now it’s almost prime time for the blossoming fields, should be about a week or so and we promise to get you tons of shots and movies, no worries.

But who wants to wait that one out ey? 

So we hooked up with Roy Poots again (you might have heard from him, we also worked with him on these two insanely successful photo-reports about the Netherlands and Rotterdam) and bring you his magical shots of the flower fields in the Netherlands of the last season. So here are the Dutch tulips fields around Leiden and Lisse in their full glory. Enjoy!


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The Flower Fields in the Netherlands

This is why we wrote ‘Flower fields in the Netherlands’ and not just tulipfields. Plenty of other flowers to see!
You’ll see plenty of tourists walking around, nothing to do about that
The Netherlands looks like a giant colored testprint sometimes 😀
Some lovely lakes in this area as well, such as the ‘Kaag’
As usual, sunsets and sunrises make it look extra good!

Flower Fields in the Netherlands

Can’t get enough of the flower fields in the Netherlands?

Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of pics, movies and reports coming. And then there’s always this article on the history of the tulip or this one of course on how to see the flower fields in the Netherlands for free.

Too lazy to click that link? We understand! Hop on the train to Leiden and rent a bike, the fellas from ‘easyfiets’ can hook you up with a cheap rental bike. After that just cycle North, Lisse – Sassenheim – Hilllegom, you can’t miss it.

(Already live in Leiden? Easyfiets also does ‘bikeleases’ for as low as 10 euro’s per month. This comes with free fixing and such, so perfect if you’re here for a few months and for the love of god don’t know how to fix a flat tire. More info right here)

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