A gloriously green Plant Swap Party is coming to Amsterdam!

Have you caught the house plant bug? Symptoms may include an addiction to purchasing new plants, a feeling that the plants you have are not enough for your space, and spending your days clucking over your greenery like a mother hen. You may spend your days thinking about your home garden, planning when to water, prune, and sun, and dreaming of all the plants you could have. 

The good news is, you’re not alone. The even better news is a Plant Swap event is coming to Amsterdam where you can get rid of some of your excess greenery, and take home some new babies to spoil – plus, you can meet other plant-fans like yourself.

Youplant Amsterdam is hosting the gala at Hotel Jakarta (if you haven’t been, it’s greenhouse heaven!). During the party, you can bring along any plants or cutting that you have, and pick up any other plants or cuttings that you desire – what a brilliant idea!

Expand your plant collection while meeting other like-minded green loving friends – perfect! If you’re the kind of person that missed out on having green thumbs (maybe they’re brown and dead like your plants?) you can also swap tips and tricks with people with more green appendages.

When and where is Amsterdam’s Plant Swap Party?

The greenery bonanza will be held this Saturday, November 23rd at Hotel Jakarta, Amsterdam. There are two full hours of plant-swapping and fun to be had, between 15:30 and 17:30. To go, you will need to secure yourself a ticket.

How can I get a ticket?

Tickets are available via the Facebook event, or through Eventbrite for €8 plus service charges. It should run you around €9.20 in total. Considering how many plants you could add to your collection for that price (and the price of plants normally!) it’s a bargain.

What does a ticket include?

The ticket doesn’t just grant you entry to the event. You’ll also get a free soft drink on arrival, and will receive a sweet goodie bag when you leave full of gadgets, not to mention the opportunity to swap your heart out for plants, pots, and accessories.

What kind of plants can I bring to swap?

Whatever you want! However, the plants or cuttings should be healthy and should be labelled with the Botanic and common name, along with your name too. Don’t water the plants right before the event, and succulents have to be rooted – fresh cuttings of these are not allowed.

Prep your plants and grab your tickets, the Youplant Plant Swap Party has got us green with envy! Are you heading along? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Julia Bridge Design/Youplant Amsterdam

Samantha Dixon 🇦🇺
Samantha Dixon 🇦🇺
Sam isn’t great at being Dutch. Originally hailing from Australia, she came to study in the Netherlands without knowing where the country was on a map. She once accidentally ordered the entire ice-cream menu at Smullers. She still can’t jump on the back of a moving bike. But, she remains fascinated by the tiny land of tall people.


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