Best Things to Explore in Amsterdam

Best Things to Explore in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most prominent cities in all of Europe with a large number of tourists visiting every year. There is a lot that goes on in Amsterdam which attracts people of all ages. From fantastic shopping options to a wonderful culinary scene, tourists have plentiful options to pick from. But when you get to explore Amsterdam in-depth, it’s easy to note that the city has a unique set of elements that make it stand out amongst the rest. A visitor must discover Amsterdam with an open mind, for it remains a place of many wonders and opportunities not to be missed.


Play at a Casino

When it comes to land-based casinos, The Netherlands has a state-run brand with a few physical properties spread out across the country. However, when you are in the city roaming about, it is not possible to visit a physical casino every time. Locally, online casinos are under review for legalization right now, and the government is not sure if they want to expand the land-based casino scene any further. This adds a certain amount of limitations to playing in the country. But as a tourist, you can still enjoy online gambling to your heart’s content through your online casino app or mobile-friendship website.

The most significant advantage of online casinos is that you can access them when travelling. Payment options are equally simple for such occasions. If, for example, you don’t want to use your credit card or a bank transfer is not possible while in a foreign country, check these PayPal casinos which allow you to make payments and withdraw using a PayPal account. It’s easy, fast, safe, and you can even earn back some of the money you are spending on holiday while you are actually on holiday. How cool is that now?

Take a Day Trip

There is unquestionably a lot to do in Amsterdam, but it would be a shame to miss out on the many other attractions of The Netherlands. Day trips from Amsterdam leave regularly and include visits to windmills, tulip gardens, cheese manufacturing towns, and little Dutch villages.

However, Holland isn’t without its issues of traffic jams. Bus rides can be long and often dull, so it is advisable that you have your favourite online casino handy for such occasions. Before you leave for the trip make sure you check all the options. Review sites are a great place to learn about online casinos. You can easily select one, like Royal Vegas, which is quite popular and then check how do they stack up against the competition. Make sure you pick the best welcome bonus in addition to reading about the weekly promotions and payment options. Having a mobile app or website is of the uttermost importance, and must be one of the top things to check, else you are most likely going to in a bus with nothing to do.

Enjoy the Canals

The canal system in Amsterdam is indeed a marvel. It adds character to the city and acts as the perfect photography background. In addition to this, the canals are the ideal place for a romantic boat ride. The locals love their canals and make the most of them in every way possible, by living in canal boats, running tours, or as an everyday mode of transport. Come winter, and as the water freezes up, locals use the canals in Amsterdam for ice skating. You will undoubtedly see the beauty of the waterways when you are in the city, but make it a point to explore them fully by taking an exclusive tour of the region.

Be Naughty

It’s easy to get naughty in Amsterdam, considered amongst the most liberal cities in the world. From the Red-Light district in the centre of the town to the cafes that sell legalised drugs, there are some genuinely exceptional experiences to be enjoyed in the city. While the adult nature of these attractions might not suit everyone, you can still casually walk about the streets and explore a thriving café scene without getting high.


  1. Love that Number 2 on a post about the best things to explore in Amsterdam is to take a day trip from Amsterdam. Spreading the wealth.


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