Hold on to your umbrellas out there because KNMI has issued a code yellow in the Netherlands for heavy gusts of wind for the whole day today in most part of the country. They could go up to 80 kmph, with rain, hail and even snow in some parts of the country. Weeronline reports that rain and this difficult weather can continue through the week. If we can trust one thing about the Dutch, it is their weather predictions.

What to expect today?

You might have woken up to the winds aggressively passing through the trees outside your window, with scaffolding blowing in the wind so loud that you didn’t need that alarm. In the north and western coastal areas of the country, there is a chance of a storm, with wind speeds going up to 75-90 kmph. Whereas in the south, and southeast, the winds will reach a maximum of 75 kmph.

The day will get warmer, comparatively speaking, in the afternoon with a maximum temperature of 7-8 degrees. But the winds are here to stay until the late afternoon when it will slow down, and the temperatures will drop in the night. Weeronline predicts freezing temperatures inland and around 2 degrees in the coastal areas.

Are flights affected?

KLM has already cancelled 67 flights, and they, along with Schiphol authorities, have warned of delays and cancellations.

What to expect tomorrow?

The sun is probably going to take the week off starting tomorrow, where there will be rains and clouds taking over the sky. Light showers will start in the morning and will increase in the evening. This will be accompanied by a healthy serving of heavy gusts of wind throughout the country.

So expect traffic disruptions, flight delays or cancellations, because the weather is not our friend this week.

Angry seagull is angry.

What to expect for the rest of the week?

While the sun enjoys its vacation, we will have to endure a week full of rain, heavy gusts of wind, and clouds that will linger all day, every day. Wednesday will bring with it clouds and regular rain, with a chance of thunder and hail. It does not change much on Thursday, Friday and the weekend, but there’s one thing to look forward to: the temperatures are set to be slightly higher during the weekend.


Hope you have a week planned for spending indoors, because this one is going to be a tough one. Let us know in the comments your favourite thing to do when the weather outside is just unforgiving!

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