Thinking about buying a house in Amsterdam? There’s an event to help you with that!

Let’s face it,  buying a house in Amsterdam is getting harder and harder. Both for Dutchies and internationals. We all could use some tips on how to buy a house in the frantic Amsterdam housing market. Or just have a person in front of you to talk about it instead of reading our excellent articles on buying a house.

Well, for all those people there’s good news because the ‘How to buy a House’ event is coming to Amsterdam again on the 23rd of September! (sign up straight-away here)

The Housing Market in Amsterdam is a tough cookie

It seems like the housing market in Amsterdam has no limits. Whereas in cities like London, Stockholm, Sydney and Melbourne the prices finally saw a little decrease – Amsterdam just went further ahead with going crazy with their housing prices. In Amsterdam prices rose by as much as 72 percent in five years; in the rest of the Netherlands, this was 30 percent.

The underlying developments are identical: a migration from rural areas to the city, an influx of investors and international capital and the influx of international employees (hey, that’s you, but you got to live somewhere as well <3 ). As a result: enormous pressure on the housing market in Amsterdam, or the rest of the Netherlands for that matter, and buying a house in the capital gets a little bit more difficult once more.

But buying a house in Amsterdam still gets you the good life

As they say in Dutch; ‘you can’t live in money’ (they also say ‘you can’t live in bullshit’  which is pretty true as well). So you might just try to go for that house in Amsterdam, and you then need all the help you can get. The ‘How to buy a House’ event is there to help those who are determined to buy a house in Amsterdam.

‘How to buy a House’ event in Amsterdam: When? Where? What?

The ‘How to buy a House’ train is now coming over to Amsterdam and will take place on the 23th of September 2018(Sunday) at the Posthoornkerk. Starting at 14:00, the event will provide the participants with all you need to know about the housing market in the Amsterdam Area. Yes, also all the legal and financial aspects of buying a house and much more. There will be 1-on-1’s with all kinds of experts, all of them are fluent in English, so language will not be a problem.

And this time around there will also be a professional gardener, from 3.30 she will tell and show you all about city gardening. There will also be a PA who you can ask ANYTHING about Amsterdam (why isn’t there a bridge across the IJ, WE WANT TO KNOW!? Ahem)

Do not worry about leaving your kids alone on a Sunday: there’s free nanny service at the How to buy a house in Amsterdam event

To make it even easier for you, ‘How to buy a House’ event is also providing its guests with a free nanny service. In order to make sure that you get the most out of this event, the organizers are offering a nanny service for kids between the ages of 2 and 14 years old. So grab your little ones and head on over to the ‘How to buy a House’ event in Amsterdam.

Register here!


Abuzer Van Leeuwen
Abuzer Van Leeuwen
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