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As an international and young professional, there’s nothing as important as having a cozy place to live in. Whatever these virus days have has told us, it’s that you need a proper house to social distance yourself in. If you’re looking for a place in Rotterdam then the WEST507 by The FIZZ has you covered, with some new and unique city lofts.

Here at DutchReview we are big fans of Rotterdam. It’s a quirky and innovative city, and it definitely has a different tempo and energy than other cities in the Netherlands. A city scarred by war but which had a great revival, Rotterdam is a great place to get refreshed and inspired, be it by its new cutting edge architecture, or from its many cultural venues and hotspots.

If you want to move to this dynamic city, you’re in luck. The FIZZ, which you might know from other apartment complexes in the Netherlands, is opening a brand new complex called WEST507. It’s located in a former office building at the address of Westzeedijk 507, and there will be 183 apartments in total, divided in three categories: City Lofts, Work & Live Lofts and Urban Penthouses — all of it in a smashing building.

The Atrium of West507
Registration has already started, so give it a good look as soon as possible. We’ve already worked together with the good people of The FIZZ. Check out their awesome Cobana building which opened up a while back.

Delfshaven, a historic neighbourhood in a modern city

Delfshaven is one of the few old areas of Rotterdam that escaped relatively unscratched from the blitz of WW2. Vintage while still close to the new and modern city center, it’s an ideal and quiet location for your new home.

With quaint canals, up-and-coming businesses and entrepreneurial hubs in refurbished warehouses, the neighbourhood has all the amenities you expect, from supermarkets to sports halls, sportsfields — you name it, they’ve got it. You can also find charming antique stores, art studios, beer breweries and gin bars in Delfshaven nowadays.

Not many neighborhoods in Rotterdam have this old school Dutch charm (source: Pixabay)

The area has an old and rich history. It was the departure point of the pilgrims to America and Piet Hein, the famous Dutch sailor was born here. You can get a taste of those days by going to the Pelgrimvaderskerk, a Church built way back in 1761, which still offers services on Saturdays and Sundays.

WEST507: right prices for the right location

Finding decent rent and a good space can be difficult, especially in big cities like Rotterdam. Luckily, WEST507 offers affordable prices for plenty of space. So, what options do we have on the menu?

City lofts

For the city lofts, there are several options available, and there’s a total of 144 city lofts in the building.

There’s the Type A lofts, which start with a net price of 1500 euros, with a size ranging from 105 square meters to 206 square meters.

An A1 loft, glamorous couple not included

Then there’s type B, with a starting net price of 895 euros, with sizes ranging from 52 square meters to 75 square meters.

I could social distance myself here for years

Type C, which are the most pricey lofts, start with a price of 1625 euros, for a size range between 117 square meters and 147 square meters.

Following there’s type D, with prices starting from 1500 euros, and sizes from 105 square meters to 118 square meters.

Finally, there’s type G, starting with the price of 1255 euros, with a size between 94 square meters and 148 square meters, and type H, with the price of 1250 euros and a size between 94 square meters and 100 square meters. You can check out the floor plans and other details here.

Work and live lofts

For the work and live lofts, we’re looking at spacious apartments with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, ideal for those looking for a space to be productive in. There are a total of 15 work and live lofts in WEST507.

The first type is type E, with a starting price for rent of 1625 euros, and a size of 118 square meters. Following is type F, with a starting price of 2550 euros, and sizes ranging between 216 and 246 square meters. Finally, there’s type G, starting with a price of 1255 euros and a size ranging from 94 to 148 square meters. You can find out more details about the work and live lofts here.

Penthouses are the stuff dreams are made of

Finally, on the top of WEST507, there are 24 penthouses, with rooftop terraces with a great view over the harbour and the skyline.

You can expect a nice view

The first type on our list is type P, with a starting rental price of 1200 euros, and a size between 75 and 80 square meters. Following that there’s type Q, with a starting price of 1200 euros, and size also between 75 and 80 square meters. Next on the list is type R, with a price of 1250 euros and a size of 80 square meters. Last on the list is type S, starting with a price of 1600 euros and a size between 110 square meters and 122 square meters. You can check out more information about the penthouses here.

Great facilities for comfortable urban living

WEST507 has plenty of facilities to improve your quality of life, and this co-shared space with a good mix of people (young and old, internationals and Dutchies) will provide a lot of opportunities for socializing and events. So what kind of facilities can you expect?

The characteristic building

In WEST507, you’ll be living in a unique building, namely a nationally recognized heritage site. You’ll notice this directly, since the building has a distinct warehouse feel to it, so you get some of that old vintage feel in an otherwise supermodern city as Rotterdam.

In this case old is gorgeous and the renovation of it all has worked out majestically. Just take a look at the entryway and the hallways, the ironwork and that stained glass detail. Many characteristic details are still visible in the building. Take for example the former cantina on the roof, with a panoramic view of the city and the parts of the port of Rotterdam.

Rooftop terrace

Lover of sunshine and good views? Worry not, WEST507 has a generous terrace space on the last floor for the penthouse people. With great views over Rotterdam, the terrace also acts as a social hub with plenty of events and other fun activities. So whenever that sunshine hits, up the stairs and get some of that Vitamin D.

Meeting rooms and lounges

As WEST 507 is made for social living, there will be plenty of space for all tenants to participate in social activities. Not only that, but there are also communal cooking spaces so that you might all learn recipes from each other and enjoy a great talk during dinner.

Bike storage and an app for tenants

Of course, no Dutch living space is complete without generous bike storage. Besides that, you will also have a phone app for all information related to your tenancy status, community activities and more. Yes, it’s truly living in 2020.

A resident manager to take care of you

To top it all off, WEST 507 will have a resident manager, who will work fulltime to ensure that your living experience is the best it can possibly be. Not only that, but they will be in charge of organizing events and other social affairs, thus making sure that all tenants have not only a great individual experience there, but a collective one as well.

Registration for WEST507 has already started and is open until the 30th of March. Make the most of your social distancing period to read up on it and register!


These are coveted spots so best to move quickly. Now some dates:

April 30: 2nd registration deadline

May 1: 2nd round of selections

You can find all of this at the ‘planning’ part of the WEST507 site.

The good people of WEST507 also have an excellent FAQ and website for all the other stuff you want to know.

Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.

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