The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for today, June 25.

The newest count reveals an additional 111 cases in the Netherlands. Ever since the outbreak began back in February, a total of 49,914 cases were reported.

Severe cases of coronavirus have lead to five people ending up in the hospital, where they are currently receiving medical care.

Unfortunately, the virus continues to claim lives, with three more people passing away since the last count. Throughout the Netherlands, a total of 6,100 have passed away due to the virus.

Starting from July 1, the RIVM will stop making daily updates about the coronavirus. The figures will instead be released weekly. The Outbreak Management Team will also halt its regular meetings with the government and only do them when necessary.

Last night’s press conference: large events allowed, public transport open to all from July 1

Last night, Prime-Minister Mark Rutte held a press conference announcing the newest set of relaxations related to the coronavirus.

Highschools and gyms will reopen starting July 1. In highschools, students will not need to keep a distance from themselves, however social distancing from professors is preferred.  Universities will also be able to have live education, but social distancing is required. Public transport will also reopen to all starting from that date.


On the other hand, discos and clubs will remain closed until September 1, at which point a decision will be made about their reopening.

US Embassy apologizes, backtracks, after stating European tourists won’t be allowed in US before end of year

The European countries in the Schengen Area currently have a ban on travelling to the United States. However, the US Embassy has backtracked on its statement that Europeans will not be able to visit the country by the end of the year.

When will Europeans be allowed to travel to the United States? We do not know for now, as no future decision was made. Americans will not be able to visit Europe for the time being either.

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