Details of the 7 PM press conference tonight have been leaked already. Dutch Prime Minister Rutte will announce the latest easing of coronavirus measures. 

Tonight the last coronavirus press conference, for the time being, will take place. The advice given to the cabinet by the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) includes a significant easing of rules on large gatherings.

What will the latest changes be?

According to the NOS, from July 1 there will be no more limit to the number of people that can gather together. While it seems like a big change, there will be several conditions.

Gatherers need to adhere to the current 1.5-meter policy and attest that they do not have coronavirus symptoms. At gatherings where symptoms have not been checked, a limit remains. This limit is set at a maximum of 100 people inside, and 250 people outside.

What about festivals?

While gatherings in a park should be fine now, the OMT doesn’t want to give free rein to large festivals. Larger events such as festivals will need to get a special permit from the municipality. Making a reservation will also be mandatory for all events.

From September 1 fans will also be allowed back into football stadiums. Like with all large events, they will need to adhere to the 1.5-meter rule.

Definitive decisions on the opening of saunas, casinos, gyms and canteens will also be announced at the press conference tonight.


As cases go down, these decisions are the latest in the easing of coronavirus measures in the Netherlands. Measures on travelling to, from and inside the Netherlands have also been eased.

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Feature Image: Minister-president Rutte/Flickr


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