Some good news for sports fans! If all goes according to plan, by September 1, football fans will be able to return to the stadiums.

Nevertheless, returning to football stadiums can only be accompanied by respecting social distancing measures, reports NOS.

The 1.5 metre rule will apply not only to the stadium itself but also to entrances and exits. Singing and shouting will be forbidden, given the risk of infection with coronavirus, according to advice by the Outbreak Management Team (OMT).

The Dutch cabinet will make a decision today on the issue. The Dutch division is scheduled to kick off on September 11 and having (even only) a part of the fans present in the stadium will add some much-needed atmosphere to the games and a financial boost to the clubs.

Before this date, the Dutch national team will play against Italy and Poland for the Nations League. If the recommendations and restrictions by the OMT are to be implemented, stadiums will only be filled to about a third of their capacity.

Are you excited about the prospect of watching some good ole’ football? Let us know in the comments!

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