6 Unmissable Dutch Food Festivals in 2020

6 Unmissable Dutch food festivals For the dedicated Dutch food connoisseur. Perhaps you’re still being initiated into Dutch cuisine. Keep in mind, not all events are free but all of them are delicious.

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Me at a food festival.

If there is one thing the Netherlands has an abundance of, that is food festivals. We love them: they come, they set up shop and they feed us. Throughout the year, the Netherlands hosts an absolute moving feast! The attitude of “let’s do it because it will taste good” is the reason behind food festivals each year and it’s always hard to choose favourites. I encourage you to check all of them out, and there are plenty in the Netherlands in 2020. Often the festivals are specific to one city, or they have a theme, catch as many as you can, pencil in some dates. So, without further ado, a list of 6 unmissable food festivals and where to find them.

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Where: Westergas, Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam
When: 13th – 15th of March

For the caffeine junkie or the dark roast night owl, this is the one.

With experts ‘Urban foodies’ onboard, important players in the industry will gather in the spirit of sharing fine food, coffee, and chocolate. Whatever your palette, this one is happening early March and will surely generate a buzzing atmosphere full of art, music and positive energy.

The event will open to the public at 10:00 in the morning, on the 13th of March. It will last over the weekend, ending on the 15th of March at 17:00.

Get down, get your coffee buzz on and have a double espresso with a biscotti (or twelve).

RSVP: The Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Bollywood & Indian Food Festival

Where: Dock Amsterdam, Joan Muyskenweg 14, 1096 CJ Amsterdam

When: Sat 11 April 2020, 13:00 – 21:00

This festival returns for its third edition, after two completely sold out editions. Expect a lot of diverse Indian food, from Tandoori dishes, Vegan dishes as well as Indian street food, all found in pop-up restaurants and food trucks.

Besides food, expect to find live performances, DJ’s playing Bollywood hits, as well as a great setting, which includes both indoors and outdoors. There will be other surprises as well, but you will need to go there to find out! (let us know as well)

RSVP: Bollywood & Indian Food Festival

Vegetarian Restaurant Week

Where: Many participating restaurants
When: 9th – 15th March

So you hate seeing an animal fall under the knife, or maybe you’re climate sensitive, or maybe you just can’t stand the sight of meat altogether. Let’s just say you need to eat more greens because we all do. (Couscous: the food’s so nice, they named it twice), we all enjoy a nice falafel as well, but this time the restaurant game is being stepped up for a vegetarian themed week, there will be a lot of versatile and enticing recipes on display.

A whole lot of restaurants have shown out for the event. On this page, you will find an overview of all participating restaurants. It’s something to admire and a great excuse to get out next month and do something. Go enjoy extraordinary vegetarian dishes! You can thank me later, report back when you’ve eaten all your greens!

RSVP: Vegetarian Restaurant Week 

Japan Winter Festival

When: Friday, February. 28 – Sunday, March 1

Where: Dock Amsterdam, Joan Muyskensweg 14, 1096 CJ Amsterdam

Enjoy this mix of culture and food at the new Japan Winter Festival! Including elements of Japanese lifestyle, you’ll find everything from cherry trees to winter games and a market.

There’ll be sushi, including vegan options, as well as ramen and other Japanese delicacies, there’s even gonna be a traditional tea ceremony.

RSVP: Japan Winter Festival

Oost Tapt Festival

Where: Radioweg 64, Amsterdam
When: Saturday, 16th of May

Perhaps your belly is full after all this eating and you will want to down it with some good ole’ beer. Oost Tapt Festival is then the one for you. This festival promises lots of beer, music, chilling with friends as well as different group activities. There will be food as well, but the line-ups are yet to be announced.

RSVP: Oost Tapt Festival

Region BIER Festival Edam 2020

Where: Grote Kerk Edam, 57 Grote Kerkstraat, 1135 BC Edam

When: Saturday, 7th of March

Another beer festival, but this time in a more urban, casual setting. Strongly recommended for beer drinkers, as people from around the region will bring their artisan beers, and you get the chance to speak with beer brewers themselves!

RSVP: Region Beer Festival Edam 2020

That sums up our list of food/drink festivals for 2020. Any festivals that we missed or you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on 21 February 2018 but was updated for your reading (and eating) pleasure on 30 January 2020. 

Feature Image: Stanley Howe / Wikimedia Commons

Veronika Licheva
Veronika Licheva
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  1. I was really disappointed by the festival. I didn’t see the worth for the entrance fee. Only a couple of exponents, and not much to see. In 10 minutes we saw everything. Hopefully, there was queue to get food. And we did the sushi work shop, on the reservation, it was supposed to last 1 hour and be in english. It lasts 15 minutes and was in dutch. Thus I don’t recommend that event.


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