Fast fashion: Dutch artist invents bike that can knit a scarf in five minutes

In this day and age the term ‘multitasking’ is apparently the new norm. And George Barratt-Jones’s creation, the Cyclo-Knitter is only proof of this phenomenon. Not only do you get your exercise in while waiting for your train, but you end up knitting a scarf at the same time.

“I decided on making waiting for your train in the winter more enjoyable,” he writes.

So what exactly is the Cyclo-Knitter?

His invention is essentially a bike-powered loom and if you peddle for five minutes, you’ll create scarf.

Image: George Barratt-Jones/imgur

Imagine that. Exercising and knitting at the same time. In the end, you get a free scarf “that you can decide to keep yourself or give to someone who needs it more,” he continues. “It’s all about spreading joy and making those boring moments more fun.”

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Vedika Luthra
Vedika Luthra
Vedika was born in India, raised in Poland and moved to the Netherlands to study. Like her nationality, she’s confused about what she likes most, which is why her bachelor’s degree was in liberal arts and sciences. She enjoys writing about all things food-related but likes to mix it up every now and then.


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