24 TikToks explaining why the Dutch are ahead of their time with bikes

No one can deny that there’s a strong relationship between Dutchies and their fietsen. Interesting, entertaining, and sometimes odd — TikTok users are proving we aren’t the only ones who enjoy observing Dutch biking antics.

Cycling in the Netherlands can be especially anxiety-inducing for us internationals — but not for those superior Dutchies zooming past at lightning speed.

However, the lack of fear is not the only way to identify a Dutch cyclist. The Dutch have found a myriad of innovative ways to use their fietsen that we mere mortals would never have thought of. 

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Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you to your imagination — we have receipts in the form of TikToks! (Who says learning can’t be fun? 😉)

1. They can cycle really, really, really far

Now, I know what you’re thinking — lots of people cycle recreationally, and yes, maybe they cycle long distances. Buuut, Dutchies will cycle really, really far just for daily activities and think it’s normal. 😅

@oskar_intravel It’s not that far they said… #netherlands #bike #amsterdam ♬ original sound – AZIZA|UGC Creator

Maybe you think this isn’t that abnormal, but with how great public transport is in the Netherlands, you can get anywhere with minimal effort — so why endure the odyssey in the form of Dutch weather just to meet your friend for a coffee!? 

@santanamath Dutch people be like: Why public transportation? It’s only 3 hours biking in the rain! #livinginthenetherlands #nederland🇳🇱 #dutchculture ♬ drama effect background – Not Me

Dutchies, however, prefer healthier (and cheaper) options, and that’s cycling. Even in the rain, apparently. 👀

2. They use their bikes to go EVERYWHERE

Not only will them Dutchies go far on their bikes, but they’ll also go anywhere. Going to the shops? Cycle. Heading to work? Cycle. Having a night out? Cycle. Going to the airport? No reason not to take the bike.

@larilandim There is no excuse not to ride your bike in Amsterdam 😂 #amsterdam #rideabike #bikinginamsterdam #amsterdamlife ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

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You get the point, Dutchies will use their bikes to get to absolutely any destination they can think of. What a great way to skip traffic — at least, that’s what you’d think — but nee.

@max.fxd #netherlands #holland #bikelife ♬ Originalton – Annus💋

Everyone using their bicycles to get everywhere means the Netherlands has its own type of ‘rush hour traffic’.

3. They treat their bicycles like they’re minivans

Yep, go ahead and throw on the suitcases, oh, and your children. Cycling everywhere with kids might seem like a challenge, but Dutchies don’t let kids put a damper on their obsession with bikes.

They can climb on too! 

@oebie.doebie How to ride a bike with bags and three kids! Watch and learn from the Dutch. #bikelife #fypシ #dutchstories #momlife #foryourpage ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

One, two, or even three children? Geen probleem!

@karmatic_deer #carreplacement #bakfeits #dutchbike #notjustbikes #cycleing #cargobike ♬ What Favorite Blank Says About You – Gürschach

In fact, the Dutch found a way to enjoy their journey, even if they have six kids to bring along with them. The solution? A bucket. A moving bucket. A really big bucket for kids that’s attached to some steering mechanism and wheels — because why walk?? 

@notjimmymaio In the Netherlands, the ‘Stint’, an electric transport vehicle that is used to transport children returened in 2019 #greenscreen #dutch #netherlands #daycare ♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) – Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali

4. Plop their kids on bikes as soon as they can walk

Those buckets are a bit of a luxury for Dutch children, however. Usually, they’re expected to hop on their own two wheels as soon as they’re wobbling. 

Oooh, the baby is crawling! It’s time to get her on a fiets

@beardedtreesurgeon My baby girls firs (balance) bike from #littledutch and she’s loving it! #fyp #bike #firstbike #love #daughter ♬ Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) – Limp Bizkit

Getting their children on bicycles as soon as possible is a big priority for Dutchies. After all, they are going to be cycling their whole lives, they might as well give them a head start.

@enzoknolfnpag #enzoknol #dutchperformante #auto #wheelie #fiets #motor ♬ origineel geluid – Enzoknolfpage – Enzoknolfnpage

Kinderen even learn to do super leuk tricks on their bikes!

5. Moving truck? Nee, dankje — the Dutch will use their fiets

Not having a car to help you get your stuff from one house to the next during a move is a problem quite a few of us experience in the Netherlands. 

While some will hire a moving van, many Dutchies use another mode of transportation — you guessed it — their bikes. 🚲

Wondering what you could possibly fit on a bicycle? Well, how about a mattress…

@elifinamsterdam Only Dutch can carry mattress by bike #dutchtiktok #dutchbikelife #amsterdam #amsterdamlocal ♬ its a wrap sped up – xxtristanxo

Or couches?

@tonyakamenchuk What’s the weirdest thing you’ve carried on a bike? For me, a trolley #cycling #bike #groningen #dutch #holland ♬ Dah Dah DahDah – Nardo Wick

6. They use the bicycle bell to swear at you — politely

If you’re in the Netherlands, you may not need to know Dutch, but knowing the language of the bicycle bell will certainly be a benefit. 

@rogierbakcomedy Hopping on a bike? Crossing the bike lane? Just know what you’re signing up for. #comedy #dutchnessexplained #ringmybell #fyp #lol #yourguide ♬ Ring My Bell – Anita Ward

Know your dings guys, it could be the difference between making it to your destination or face-planting into a canal.

7. Two bikes? One person can manage!

So, having cycled to the bike shop, you’ve bought a new bike and now sit with a problem. How do I get both my new bike and old one home? 🤔

Is your answer to call someone over to help? Nee

@melarisssa Here we do everything using a BIKE, literally EVERYTHING 😂🤭 #dutchlifestyle #bikelife #expatlife ♬ sonido original – ~✖️N̶E̶W̶A̶R̶ ̶E̶D̶I̶T̶S̶✖️~

Flex those cycling skills like a Dutchie. 💪

@rashi.in.amsterdam Skill level 3000!!! #expatsinthenetherlands #dutchpeople #justdutchthings #dutchpeoplebelike #dutchtiktok #dutchbikes #tiktoknl #hollander #dutchculture ♬ Hollandeeer – Britt Spartaan❤️🤍

8. Freezing temperatures won’t stop them

Imagine it’s freezing, there’s ice and snow outside, and even fresh oliebollen won’t fix the cold that has entered your soul. 

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While normal humans would be inside, cosy under a blanket, sipping warme chokolademelk, Dutchies will just scrape the ice off their bikes and carry on as normal. 🥶

@analaur.a rookie mistake for not wearing water proof gloves while doing this #winter #thenetherlands #bike #bikinginwinter #cold #utrecht ♬ Originalton – analaur.a

I mean, you gotta get to work so you can afford to stuff your face with pepernoten somehow, right?

@dumpert Mental breakdown! #sneeuw #fiets #voorjou ♬ origineel geluid – Dumpert

9. PDA? Who says a bike has to get in the way

One way to keep warm while cycling in freezing temperatures is to cuddle your other half or hold their hands. And Dutchies don’t let cycling get in their way.

@t3mp3s7 It’s my dream #dutch #bike #love #netherlands ♬ original sound – Lia ✨

Remember guys, if they wanted to, they would (all while on a bike too.)

10. Why walk the dogs when the Dutch can cycle them?

If you’re also a paw-rent that takes their dog everywhere with them, cycling is how you’re going to need to transport them. 🐕

How would you do that, you ask? With a leash, like a Dutchie, of course!

@balanceforpaws I highly recommend training your dogs to run next to a bicycle 👌 #cyclingwithdogs #workyourdogs #hondentraining ♬ original sound – Best Of Club Culture

Or in a doggy trailer.

@ollie_thebernese When you’re a Dutch dog you gotta ride your bike… #bernesemountaindog #dog #bike #bikeridingdog #dutchdog ♬ Bicycle Race – Remastered 2011 – Queen

And if you have a little woof, there’s the bike basket.

@gappie_the_beagle #antwoord aan @wanda_m0 to answer your question😊 #cyclingdog #dutchies #typicaldutch #funnydog #amsterdamwest #beaglesoftiktok #hondje #jeweetwel #jatoch ♬ Victoria’s Secret – Jax

11. Riding horses? Neigh, the Dutch will stick with the bikes

Dogs aren’t the only dieren you can walk along with your bike. Horses can join in too!

@insert.dope.name Dutchies and their bikes🤷‍♀️ #fietsen #paard #horses #bike #kwpn #dressage #dressuurpaard #equestrian ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

12. They can transport their… is that a… capybara?!

Being unique is something the Dutch do well, and they aren’t letting us down with this one. 

@tempastempastempa Netherlands moment #netherlands #cycling #dutch #amsterdam #beaver #capybara ♬ Blue – Flume Remix – Eiffel 65

13. Basically, the Dutch can do anything as long as it involves a bike

If you thought there was a limit to what we could do with a bike, the Dutch definitely proved otherwise — it’s obvious that they can do anything while cycling.

@a.edilbi #bikes #bike #dutchbike #dutch #cycling #bycicle #amsterdam #netherlands #thenetherlands #bikeslover ♬ original sound – a.edilbi

Well, maybe not everything…

@renzootjee Hoi. #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #fy ♬ origineel geluid – Renzo

What is the oddest thing you have seen a bike used for in the Netherlands? Tell us in the comments!

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Simone Jacobs
Simone Jacobs
Originally from South Africa, Simone is having fun navigating the Dutch language, steep stairs, and bicycles (which she still manages to fall off of with her short, non-Dutch legs). An animal lover at heart, Simone can typically be found under her (growing?) mound of cats, where she uses the opportunity to read, write, and watch video compilations of creatures.

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