Lights, camera, action: The Leiden International Film Festival is back in 2022!

Grab some hot, buttery popcorn and your favourite slushie, because the Leiden International Film Festival is officially back from November 3 to 13!

Whether you’re a film fan or you’re just looking for an excuse to binge some of the best films to come out this year, LIFF has your back!

This is the 17th instalment, which promises 11 days full of special screenings, premieres, and parties. We promise, you definitely don’t want to sit this one out! 😉

Three films you absolutely can’t miss 

There are SO many interesting films on show this year, and we do suggest that you have a look at the full programme. However, there are three films that we couldn’t help but rave about — and here they are!


This charming costume drama portrays the life of famous British novelist Emily Brontë, played by the talented Emma Mackey (or Jacqueline de Belfort, for those of you who’ve seen Death on the Nile).

The film is a wild ride of romance, passion, and rebellion — culminating in the creation of Brontë’s famous novel, Wuthering Heights.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

If quirky indie films are your jam, then you will likely find this a hit!

The film is about Marcel, an adorable shell that lives with his grandmother Connie. Their lives soon get upturned when the filmmaker finds them living in his Airbnb. (We promise this film makes sense.)

It’s one of the most creative and heartwarming films to come out this year, and a definite must-see!

Three Thousand Years of Longing

Pragmatic academic Dr. Alithea Binnie (played by the incredible Tilda Swinton) accidentally unleashes a Djinn (Idris Elba), after he offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom.

We don’t want to spoil this one for you, but we will say that the film’s fascinating concoction of fantasy and romance hits just right!

Well, how about it Leidenaren? Ready to get cultured and have a good laugh, scream, or cry? Then we suggest that you have a look at the full programme where you can choose from a terrific menu of international films.

So, what films have caught your eye on LIFF? And which ones are you going to see? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

Liana Pereira 🇱🇰
Liana Pereira 🇱🇰
Liana juggles her role as an Editor with wrapping up a degree in cognitive linguistics and assisting with DutchReview's affiliate portfolio. Since arriving in the Netherlands for her studies in 2018, she's thrilled to have the 'write' opportunity to help other internationals feel more at home here — whether that's by penning an article on the best SIMs to buy in NL, the latest banking features, or important things to know about Dutch health insurance.


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