7 Instagram accounts for people who are in love with Amsterdam

There are many, many Instagram accounts devoted to Amsterdam in every possible way.

We all know why: the city is just impeccably gorgeous, unique, and made for photos. If you feel like you need some guidance because you kinda lost in this abundance, don’t stress — we’ve tracked down a very handy special selection of the accounts to follow.

Accounts snapping the beauty of Amsterdam

1. @gosse_bouma

City photographer Gosse Bouma definitely knows how to catch the most magical moments. He also has a very special sense of light which makes his works powerful and well recognizable. Just look at this photo he made on Rozengracht at 5:25 AM!

2. @noramaria.nl

Nora Maria is one the best in showing the Amsterdam we all know and enjoy: iconic architecture and city views shot on the wide-angle lens. Here is a great example of Groenburgwal pictured in all seasons (swipe to enjoy! 👉)

Accounts that throwback in a big way

3. @oudamsterdam

The best place to go to get that vintage vibe. Video and photo footage collected in cooperation with Amsterdam City Archives, National Archives and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Pictured is the Bloemenmarkt in 1963:

4. @amsterdamhistory

Wonder how the city of Amsterdam has changed? Here are before and after photos to compare. Each post is accompanied by some interesting facts. For example, how Kerkstraat Street looked in 1949 and today:

Useful accounts that you can learn from:

5. @iamamsterdammer

Darling alleys, lovely street corners, and their exact GPS coordinates. We’ve all been in the situation when you’ve seen that pretty spot on someone’s photo and now you wanna find it but just don’t know where. This unique account comes in handy for that. Now, for instance, you see where to find the smallest house in Amsterdam:

6. @gemeenteamsterdam

The city’s official Instagram account celebrates important events and, of course, Amsterdam’s beauty. This picture captures the flowering season of wisteria, which takes over Amsterdam at the end of May:

The account that is just for laughs

7. @tourists_vs_bikes

The name of this one says it all! Random sketches of ridiculous collisions between Amsterdammers and tourists on cycle lanes. Even though it hasn’t been updated since 2019 (please tell us that you will return!), it’s still a very funny and educative resource to see the cyclist’s side of the story:

Not enough for you? For a roundup of the finest images from across the Netherlands, check out DutchReview’s Instagram to learn the news, hotspots, culture and everything in between for internationals in the Netherlands!

What other accounts do you think should make this list? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: fotolua/Depositphotos

Irina Volgareva
Irina Volgarevahttps://amsterdammer.ru/
Russian-born conscientious citizen and writer, Irina is conquering the world of media with her multichannel blog Amsterdammer. Urbanist at heart when it comes to writing Irina is focused on Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a place to live. Therefore her blogs and the website are full of various useful and occasionally funny notes on Dutch innovations, urban development, sustainability and marketing topped with practical tips and guides.

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