If you follow DutchReview a bit you by now should know that we have a certain fondness for the architecture of Rotterdam, pretty pics of it and glorious sunsets in general. So when we stumbled upon these photos of Rotterdam and some of the most epic sunsets ever seen we just knew we had to get together with Anthony Malefijt and bring his work to you DutchReview-readers!

Photos of Rotterdam
Oh yes please

What makes these photos of Rotterdam so awesome?

It’s hard to say, but also easy at the same time. The cumulation of all the pretty urban design in Rotterdam all bunged together certainly provides the right setting. Having a fondness of the city and really focussing on all the different scenes there also helps. Or perhaps it’s because Rotterdam is so immensely different from the regular ‘cute’ Dutch cities. 

Anyways, huge round of Dutch applause goes out to Anthony Malefijt for setting us up with these pics. Hit his accounts up and like/follow that Instagram or facebook-page is you like these awesomeballs photos of Rotterdam and its sunset.

Now as they say in Rotterdam: ‘geen woorden maar daden’


Let’s be rebels and start with that pic without a sunset. The iconic Hef – closed for traffic – just there now for being awesome
Sunset at De Kuip
Awesome sunset at the Euromast
We all know the Central Station in Rotterdam, but the ‘Groothandelsgebouw’ is an eyecatcher as well
The pencil and the kubichouses 🙂
Laurenskerk and some amazing mirroring going on
The Markthal!
This is more ‘the blue hour’
Great panoramic shot!
That skyline is going places!
The SS Rotterdam and a little Watertaxi!
The famous design of the Van Nelle factory (now home to our digital friends of dotcontrol.com and rockboost.com)
Not a pretty sight, but still an awesome shot
Hotel New York!

Want some more photos of Rotterdam?


That’s a wrap for now! Feel free to share these beauties on Facebook if you liked em. And follow our Instagram account for more dope pics of sunsets and Rotterdam!

Gorgeous photos of Rotterdam sunsets for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Beautiful photography. Many of the shots look like HDR was used. The camera/s used were they crop, full frame, or medium format? Just curious?

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