Want to send money to the Netherlands cheaply?

So we’ve all been there – we either have bills or debt tied to our home country or we have savings and money tied up in another country that we now want to send to the Netherlands. Then we are stuck with how we can send money to the Netherlands cheaply and safely. What’s never clear though, is how much do these services cost? Banks are notorious for hidden charges and make it increasingly difficult for you to find out exactly how much it would cost. It’s not until you’ve sent it over that you realise they’ve taken a sizable chunk of it and you can’t get that back. Non-banking companies such as TransferWise, make this easier and cheaper.

I’ve had a lot of experience over the past couple of years with international money transfers, as I am regularly switching between currencies. So lets get onto the dreaded money transfer…

The real cost…

So you want to send money TO the Netherlands?

People transfer money all the time to the residing country. Maybe you have an overseas business? Or maybe you have savings tied up in your home country and want to access them. Transferring to the Netherlands is especially relevant if you are moving here and are moving thousands over.

So I’m going to use the UK as an example, as I’ve had personal experience with it. Here’s the real cost of sending your money to the lovely NL vs alternatives such as TransferWise.

send money to the netherlands cheaply gbp

So, yeah as you can see, it doesn’t look great. When I first moved to the Netherlands, my bank was charging me £25 to send money over (+ their crappy exchange rate). It eventually went down to £10 (not naming any names COUGH Natwest), but it’s still wasted money that you needn’t spend.

So you want to send money FROM the Netherlands?

Sometimes if we have taxes and debts to pay in another country, we need to send money over to a foreign bank. Or maybe you want to have some international savings or just send a family member some money. Initially the bank may tell you the cost to transfer, however there is nearly always an additional cost on top of this (in the small print or stated nowhere). On top of that sometimes the receiving bank (the bank you are transferring money into) also charges you. As an example, this is what it would cost you to send money to the UK from a Dutch bank vs a company such as TransferWise.


transfer wise euro to gbp

Crazy, right? Well this is why you need to be keyed up on what you’re really spending when transferring money internationally.

If you want to avoid all the unexpected cost, then I recommend switching to a non-banking company. Like stated earlier, TransferWise provides you with a flat fee with NO added charges whatsoever. So what you see is what you get.

How does TransferWise work?

*Before we get started: check that your currency is listed (it most likely is).

You’re probably wondering ‘well there are charges for a reason, where’s the catch?’ There is no catch. TransferWise uses a different system of money transfer than banks do. It uses a peer-to-peer system, meaning that no money technically crosses borders. You are sending money to them and they are essentially giving that currency to someone who needs it and vice versa. Both individuals and businesses can use this service. This is why it is so cheap to do and it’s totally legitimate.

All TransferWise does is charge you the initial small fee + their exchange rate – which is in line with the mid-market rate. This basically means its the market exchange (look on google exchange). So it’s official and not some made up exchange. It clearly displays it on their website, so you aren’t in the dark about it.

I’ve personally used TransferWise a few times, especially when transferring larger sums of money (over 1,000). I’ve never any issues, and it’s also usually faster than a bank transfer which is a bonus.

How do I get started?

Firstly you need to create a free account – it’s worth noting that the recipient doesn’t need an account! Sometimes you may need to provide further verification, but don’t worry it only takes a couple of days.

You then need to provide them with the recipient’s bank details, so they can send it over.

Now it’s time to pay via credit or debit card and send over the amount that you desire. And that’s it! Easy.

* Oh, and by the way, if you invite your friends and they use TransferWise, then you earn money for it. 😉

Still don’t get it how to send money to the Netherlands cheaply? Watch this for all the information you need:

Not into Transferwise for sending money to and from the Netherlands?

Not into Transerwise for whatever reason? No worries, just sharing experiences here on transferring money from the Netherlands not writing a promotional piece. We’ve also heard good things on HiFX. Also one on the new speedy, trustworthy and cheap parties online to help you with this.

Here’s a little button to help you on your way to them:

You’re well on your way…

Well, there you have it, you’ve found a new alternative to send money to the Netherlands cheaply. If you don’t believe us that it’s cheaper than the other competitors, then see for yourselves.

*If you transfer money from the Netherlands with Transferwise and use any of these links above, DutchReview makes a few cents for which we’ll buy much-needed cheese and stroopwafels


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  2. Nice post. Transferwise is indeed amazing. It’s saved me more money than I care to think of. Other great alternative is Revolut.

    • Indeed Revolut is great.

      Especially to move money from UK to NL(or any other sepa country).

      With Revolut you get a UK account number for GBP and an IBAN for EUR in one app.

      Everything for free. No monthly fees for the account, no cost for converting (on weekdays).

      A debit card costs 6 EUR if you want

  3. Use transfer wise.its brilliant,secure and easy. I move money from the uk to the Netherlands all the time. This is a genuine post- they’re not paying me!

  4. Hi – Could you also advise how much can you bring and what is the tax implication on the same. Example –
    I have 50K from my previous Indian employer in the bank. I am the only child and I have received another 100K from my parents after selling everything at there end.
    So In total I have to bring 150K, what is the tax.
    Please note the above example is a hypothesis.

  5. The TransferWise has no services if money transfer from India to Netherlands. It’s a big problem and many times only bank are the option

    If anyone knows and other option, please mention except western union


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