Setting up your water, electricity, and other utilities in the Netherlands can be stressful enough to pull your hair out. There are so many options for providers and completely different rules and regulations that you may not be used to. 

Throw in a tricky language barrier, and you may be tempted to give up and just sit in a freezing, dark room with no water during your stay — not quite the Dutch dream. 

Luckily, there is a way to skip the stress and sign up for all of your Dutch utilities in English. PartnerPete lets you find and research all of the major Dutch utility companies, compare prices, and then sign up for the one that suits your needs best. Even better, this service is completely free. That’s a lifesaver for new expats!

What’s the deal with PartnerPete?

PartnerPete can arrange more than utilities for your Dutch home. If you need that mandatory health insurance, a mobile phone subscription to contact your friends and family back home, life insurance, car insurance, or even a Dutch bank account, you can get that all in one place.

All the basic needs you’ll be stressing about upon arrival can be totally taken care of by PartnerPete, instead of running around to dozens of different suppliers and signing a bunch of contracts in Dutch. 

PartnerPete works with a carefully selected group of suppliers that best suit the needs of expats. The company has a wide range of providers, so whether you’re looking for flexibility, the lowest rate or outstanding service, PartnerPete can find you the perfect fit.

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Hooking you up in English

In as little as three days and an average of five, PartnerPete can have all of your utilities fully connected. You get access to the same supplier rates and special offers as if you had organised the utilities yourself. All with no extra charge, but that English-service that you need.

Partner Pete, gimme a call!

Fill in your details below to get in touch with PartnerPete and someone will give you a call at an hour that works for you. They’ll steadily walk you through the whole process and you can ask as many questions about utilities in the Netherlands as you like. During the call, you are not obliged to commit to anything, but if you do, your new home will be cosy and warm, with lights and water in as little as three days. Moving has never been so stress-free (if only they carried your couch up those Dutch stairs too)!

What is the average cost of utilities in the Netherlands?

If you’re wondering how much water, electricity, and more are going to pull from your wallet each month, PartnerPete can give you an estimation depending on your needs. But on average, here’s what you can expect to pay for basic utilities in the Netherlands:

Gas and Electricity

Having energy in your new home will likely be one of the biggest utility expenses, costing around €100-150 per month depending on your usage. For example, an expat living alone in Amsterdam will pay between €1.200 and €1.500 a year.


The bill you can expect to pay for water in the Netherlands is broken down into two parts: how much water you used, and a tax for services like maintenance. The tax will depend on how many people live in your home, and whether you own your home or are renting. But for the water usage itself you can budget around €150 a year per person.

At PartnerPete, they’ll walk you through all of your questions in one easy call. Image: Anthony Shkraba/Pexels

What else can PartnerPete do for you?

If you’re a fan of the PartnerPete approach, well, good news, there’s tons of other stuff they can take care of for you. If you check the PartnerPete website you find a nice number of other services they can hook you up with, from your mobile phone to all kinds of insurances. Why fish through an ocean of websites and companies when PartnerPete can do the fishing for you? If you’re the type of person that wants to get things organised fast fast then you can also get your utilities sorted out online in just a few minutes, right here.

Green energy

Good old Dutch windmills providing some green energy to the nation. Image: redcharlie/Unsplash

For instance, if you’re climate conscious and would prefer to have all your utilities green, PartnerPete can organise that for you. Despite the hundreds of windmills this country is known for, only about 10% of energy used in the Netherlands comes from wind power. The majority of electricity comes from natural gas (57,9%) and coal (31.3%). This can make organising your own green energy quite a hassle, since not all energy companies can supply this and one green offer may be ‘greener’ than another. The team at PartnerPete, like DutchReview, are a big fan of green energy, and are happy to help you organise yours in the Netherlands.

Internet providers

We can work in the dark and layer up in the cold but nobody can live without the internet! PartnerPete can help you sort through all the internet providers and choose the one that works best for you. Flexible contracts are available which are perfect for expats, and you can choose between internet-only or internet and TV bundles. Whatever your preference, the team at PartnerPete can tailor options for you!

Mobile phones

Cell coverage in the Netherlands tends to be pretty good regardless of where you are in the country (finally, an advantage to having no hills!). Still, some providers have more hot-spots than others, so choosing a Mobile Operator in the Netherlands can be quite challenging for expats who have never heard of KPN or T-Mobile. 

Combining a mobile plan with an internet bundle, for example, can save you money but comes with more long-term commitment. If you need something short and flexible, calculating the gigabytes and call hours can make choosing a provider quite the headache. But no need with PartnerPete! They can quickly suggest the best options for your situation.

Super easy if you’re new in the Netherlands and just can’t be bothered with setting up all those random things you need in life.

How did you find setting up your utilities in the Netherlands? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

DutchReview proudly teamed up with Partner Pete to bring you this article. To learn more about connecting your utilities in the Netherlands get in touch below!

Feature Image: Bluewater Globe/Unsplash


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