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Make learning Dutch a breeze 🧠

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So you want to learn Dutch, and you want to learn it fast? It won’t be easy, but it’s doable — but only with the right tools.

Let’s be real: Dutch is a difficult language. So, if you want to learn it fast, you must do it right. And what do you need to learn a language the right way? 

A good course, a knowledgeable teacher, and an effective approach. 

That’s where Talencoach comes in — with a Dutch course that will have you speaking Nederlands with confidence in just seven days. 

A Dutch school that’s different

Like many other Dutch schools, Talencoach is located in beautiful Amsterdam — but that’s where the similarities end.

Talencoach is a unique Dutch school offering a special course that will accelerate your language learning like never before. The course in question? Dutch Brainwash

Albert keeps his classes small so that each student gets the attention they need. Image: Talencoach

With his intensive course, Albert Both, founder of Talencoach, set out to “teach languages in a whole different way”. Let’s talk about how it works. 👇

The Brainwash Method: what is it, and why does it work?

We’re glad you asked! Talencoach’s Dutch Brainwash is a unique method that teaches you to talk (in Dutch) about anything you want. 

You experience full immersion for 7 days

First things first, Dutch Brainwash gives you the unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Dutch language. 

Sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time? Reading from boring books? Learning long lists of vocab? Nee dankjewel. 🙅

Talk Dutch — non stop. Image: Freepik

Rather than studying, Albert stresses the importance of learning by doing. He quickly gets you talking about the things that matter to you — for six hours a day and for a week straight! 

With multiple courses scheduled throughout the year, you can find a week that suits you and get your Nederlands going. 

You gain an understanding of the language’s building blocks

Now you may be wondering: “Hé? How will I speak about things I like… in a language I don’t know?” 

Easy! You will learn how the language works first. Like in any other language, Dutch sentences are built in a certain way — once you understand these most essential building blocks, you’ll be able to speak much more freely.

Think of it like playing with LEGOs! Soon enough, you’ll be able to build your own world (and by that, we mean sentences in Dutch!). 🧱

You grow your confidence and become unstoppable

A barrier that many language learners struggle to overcome is the move from theory to practice. 

Sure, you may know the theory behind the different werkwoordstijden (verb tenses) — but do you feel comfortable using them in practice?

Dutch Brainwash prepares you for the real world. Image: Freepik

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Unfortunately, insecurities often get the best of us and prevent us from using our Dutch when we can. That’s why it’s crucial to build your confidence and overcome that inner block! 

“Once people get out of their comfort zone, great things can happen”, Albert tells us. 

By making the Dutch learning process fun, he teaches students to let go of their inhibitions — and to feel confident enough to speak about anything and everything. 

After the course? Just keep the momentum going!

Equipped with a new-found confidence and an understanding of how Dutch works, you are now ready to take on the world! 

But besides being able to use Dutch in your day-to-day life, Talencoach also offers all the necessary resources for you to keep practising your Dutch. The very best part? They’re all free.  

Once you’re done? You keep the momentum going! Image: Depositphotos

Once the course is completed, all Brainwash graduates are put into a Facebook group where they can continue sharing their experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other. 🤝

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But of course, Albert also wants to keep in touch with you personally. That’s why he holds free Dutch Fluency Momentum Sessions in which you can practise your speaking skills by talking to other graduates.

Looking for another intense immersive program? Dat kan, with Talencoach’s Dutch Mastery classes! 

Dutch Mastery is like the next level of Dutch Brainwash, where you dive even deeper into the Dutch language. Some things you’ll learn here include:

  • How to play with time dimensions
  • Invisible words (words that exist in Dutch but not in English)
  • New advanced ways of exploding your vocabulary
  • Advanced constructions and advanced vocabulary

What do former students have to say?

Because we wouldn’t promote something without actually doing our research first, we personally reached out to two of Albert’s “Brainwash graduates” — and the proof is in the pudding. 

Here’s what they had to say. 👇

What do Albert’s students have to say about their experience with Dutch Brainwash? Image: Talencoach/Supplied

David from New York, who has been studying Dutch for a few years with private lessons and intensive courses, was impressed with how much he could still gain from Dutch Brainwash:  

“My Dutch was already pretty good, but [thanks to Dutch Brainswash] I shed my self-consciousness and now speak with greater ease and freedom.” 

He adds: “There is so much laughter in the classes as Albert inspires us to express ourselves spontaneously and without fear of making mistakes. It’s liberating.” 

Chloe, another former student, says, “Dutch Brainwash is the only course [I have] taken that takes a complicated language and makes it simple. It was the fourth school I’d enrolled in since arriving in the Netherlands, and I wish it had been the first.” 

Now that’s what we love to see! ⚡️

Ready to level up? 

Are you ready to take your Dutch to the next level? Super!

You can check Albert’s schedule to see upcoming Dutch Brainwash courses. They run for seven days and have a maximum of eight students enrolled in each course. 

Got any further questions? Geen probleem, Albert will happily answer them!

Would you like to join a Dutch Brainwash class? Let us know in the comments!

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