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It’s no secret that finding affordable housing in Amsterdam is a challenging task, especially if you’re a student who’s just about to start university. 

Many students run into this problem because Dutch universities don’t usually provide accommodation to their students, save for a few institutions. 

Cut to Nyenrode Business University: This world-renowned university is one of the few that guarantees top-notch housing and facilities for its students in Amsterdam, in addition to providing high-quality education. 

Let’s get into all that Nyenrode can offer a keen international student. 

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Introducing Nyenrode: offering the best programmes in business and management

Nyenrode Business University has been a pioneer in educating students in business and management at the bachelor’s and master’s levels for 75 years. 

They provide a rigorous education programme that teaches students the fundamentals of business administration and management while also allowing students to exercise their knowledge and skills in practical cases. 

Study programmes at Nyenrode have the perfect balance of practical skills and theory. Image: Nyenrode Business University

For those seeking a highly practical and specialised education, Nyenrode offers an executive education that can be tailored for any length, from starters to board level.  

Even better, Nyenrode’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and full-time Master of Science in Management programmes both guarantee housing in Amsterdam — what’s not to love?

How much it costs to live in Amsterdam (and why your monthly expenses will be cheaper at Nyenrode University)

I’ll be honest — the cost of living in Amsterdam is not cheap, and most of the expensive costs are attributed to your housing. 

If you’re renting a private room as a student, you could be paying anywhere from €600 to €1,200 a month and an additional €150-€250 depending on whether your housing provider pays for your service costs and utilities (gas, water, electricity, and internet). 

It’s best to start your housing search as soon as possible in the Netherlands — but at Nyenrode, you won’t have to worry. Image: Freepik

However, if you’re a lucky (soon-to-be 😉) student of Nyenrode University, your housing and utilities are guaranteed throughout your studies! 

Of course, money doesn’t grow on trees, so you’ll still have to pay monthly rent and service costs at OurDomain Diemen.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, an executive studio at OurDomain Diemen costs €1,100 per month, and a superior plus studio costs €1,090 per month (both excluding service costs).

OurDomain Diemen has excellent facilities and includes utilities in the base rent, so you won’t have to spend money on paying an energy bill or getting repairs done.

Offering a diverse range of accommodation options for all needs and preferences

Most research universities and universities of applied sciences don’t arrange housing for its students, but Nyenrode is different. 

One big advantage of studying at Nyenrode Business University is that it guarantees student accommodation in Amsterdam through its housing provider, OurDomain Diemen. 

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The accommodation is located 15 minutes outside of the city centre and 35 minutes to Nyenrode’s Amsterdam campus, both by public transport. 

It’s technically not considered a campus like their Breukelen location because students from other universities and studies also live at OurDomain Diemen. 

Nyenrode reserves several rooms for its students at OurDomain Diemen, so you can pick your preferred type of accommodation. 

Does it get more gezellig than this? Image: OurDomain Diemen

There are plenty of rental options depending on the size and configuration of the apartment you want.

They even have options for people who want to live with a partner or friend in one apartment. 

Get access to top-notch housing facilities and beautiful campus grounds

And if getting guaranteed housing isn’t enough, Nyenrode has some of the best facilities and campus grounds in the whole country. 

The OurDomain Diemen has workspaces for projects and group work, a communal lounge, and other recreational spaces such as a gym, a tennis and basketball court, music rooms, and a game room. 

Work up a sweat before your afternoon lecture. Image: OurDomain Diemen

The miniature campus also has a few commercial spaces, including a supermarket, launderette, and several restaurants and bars, among other spaces (of course, the Dutch university campus has a bike repair shop!). 

While it’s every international university student’s dream to live in Amsterdam, Nyenrode students also have the option to live on the campus in Breukelen, southeast of Amsterdam. 

The Breukelen campus has similar facilities to the Amsterdam campus, boasting plenty of lounge and study spaces, a laundromat, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue, and sports accommodations for students. 

nyenrode castle in breukelen netherlands
Hogwarts has nothing on this! Image: Depositphotos

The key difference is that the campus and accommodation are situated together (in a castle, might we add). 

Your student room would only be five minutes away from the classroom at the Breukelen campus, while the housing in Amsterdam is a little more separate from school, giving you a bit more freedom outside of your studies.

Nyenrode Business University offers a unique educational experience for everyone, and part of that is an exciting and dynamic student life. 

Housing and accommodation don’t always come easy, but Nyenrode presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity that’s hard to pass up in the Netherlands.  

What are your experiences with student accommodation in the Netherlands? Would you like to study at Nyenrode? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image:OurDomain Diemen
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