Unlimited data SIM cards in the Netherlands: the ultimate guide

Surf's up 🏄‍♂️📱

Hoera, you’ve landed in the Netherlands, tried your first stroopwafel, and now you’re looking for the perfect unlimited data plan to power your mobile phone — and, ultimately, your new lifestyle as an aspiring Dutchie.

However, looking for the perfect unlimited data plan isn’t as easy as eating boterkoek

First of all, unlimited data isn’t really unlimited. Then there are the fair use policies and the manual upgrades… basically, there are a wealth of confusing terms.

We’ve been there, so geen stress, we’ve got something to help you through all the double Dutch: a guide to unlimited mobile data plans in the Netherlands. 🙌

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❓ What is an unlimited data plan?

An unlimited data plan is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!

This is a mobile plan that (theoretically) lets you use as much internet data as you’d like, giving you far more freedom than a stereotypical data package.

Ok, the ‘unlimited’ data may not really be ‘unlimited’, but it’s more than enough to power your data needs! Image: Depositphotos

That means you can WhatsApp, surf the web, watch YouTube, or even send Tikkies as much as you like. They’re perfect if you don’t have a home internet subscription, too!

Why do these unlimited data plans seem to have limits?

Despite the name, many unlimited data plans in the Netherlands aren’t really ‘unlimited’ — you can’t hotspot an entire office, unfortunately.

Instead, mobile data is often capped at a certain amount between 10GB to 4GB per day, depending on your mobile data provider. Luckily, most providers will then let you grab free top-ups through a text message or an app!

The best unlimited data providers in the Netherlands

When it comes to unlimited data providers, the Netherlands has more choices than flavours of hagelslag at an Albert Heijn.

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To make things a little easier for you to decide, here are the best unlimited data providers in the Netherlands!👇

✈️ Best unlimited data SIM for those travelling Europe: KPN

Image: KPN

KPN is one of the largest phone companies in the Netherlands, and their unlimited data SIM does not disappoint. You’ll get excellent coverage, good service, and the benefit of being able to walk into a shop to buy your SIM card.

As someone who’s used KPN for around six years, this is my top unlimited SIM card pick if you’re planning on jet-setting around EU countries. This means that you’ll be able to use your KPN SIM like you’re at home with a 50GB monthly limit!

These benefits come at a slightly higher price point, with unlimited data packages starting at €25 if you have KPN home internet and a two-year subscription, going up to €35 for just the SIM card and no minimum contract length.

💰 Price: From €25 up to €35 per month

🌍 Best Dutch unlimited data SIM for people who stream videos: Vodafone

Image: Vodafone

Vodafone’s unlimited data pre-paid SIM option technically includes 10GB per day — but if you use that, it automatically gives you an extra 2GB, and you can activate even more via their app (subject to fair use, of course 😉).

Combine that with their ultra-fast 5G internet, and you have a top combo for those who can’t miss the latest Selling Sunset or the current football match.

Going on holiday? No problem! Post all your vacation snaps with a lavish 40GB per month in the EU. Are you a Ziggo customer? Then you even get a discount!

The only downside: you need to commit to a 12-month or 24-month contract.

💰 Price: €32.50 per month

📱 Best Dutch SIM for people who want speed and coverage: Odido

Image: Odido

Merging telecommunications heavyweights T-Mobile and Tele2, Odido is a solid choice for data lovers who want generous and blazing-fast subscriptions.

Boasting speeds of up to 300 Mb/s for an Unlimited Basis subscription, an Unlimited Premium package kicks things up several notches to 1 Gb/s. That’s nearly ten times as fast as the average internet speed in the Netherlands! 😱

Oké, but what if you need to make some calls? Unlike other providers that cap your minutes, with Odido, you can enjoy unlimited calls throughout the EU. You’ll also get 35GB of data, messages, and calling time to use within the EU so that you’re always connected — no matter whether you’re on the road or chilling at home.

Again, however, this option is for those of us who plan on staying long-term: the minimum contract is one year.

💰 Price: €32.50 per month

💰 Cheapest unlimited data SIM card in the Netherlands: Budget Mobiel

Image: Budget Mobiel

Dedicated to providing unlimited data at an affordable price, Budget Mobiel is a great option if you love surfing the net but also want to watch your wallet.

Of course, with savings like these, there are some things you have to give up. The daily bundle maxes out at 4GB (but you can add extra 1 GB packages for free), there’s a speed limit of 5 MBp/s, there’s no 5G, no e-SIM, and you only have 17 GB of data to use in the EU.

That being said, our editors swear by BudgetMobiel: it’s cheap, works brilliantly, and the online customer service is decent!

💰 Price: €20 per month

Things to consider before getting an unlimited data plan in the Netherlands

As with any data plan, there are a few things to mull over before you whip out your debit card and plonk down €30 per month.

The fair-use policy

Most mobile data providers have a fair use policy that dictates the terms under which they provide unlimited data.

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This is intended to ensure that consumers do not use the service for things it’s not intended for, which generally includes:

  • using the mobile data plan as a replacement for a fixed internet connection
  • using large amounts of mobile data (for example, to stream films over Netflix)

To calculate the amount of data that may reasonably fall under “fair use”, data providers look at the average consumption of mobile data per person per day in the Netherlands.

There are manual upgrades for unlimited data plans

If you’re a heavy data user like me, I’ve found that a great way of extending your data plan is by requesting manual upgrades of 1GB, 2GB, or higher.

This means that if you’ve almost used up your daily data allowance, you won’t be left stranded with no mobile data.

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As the daily data allowance resets each day, you’ll only need to pay for upgrades on days with the highest data usage.

Unlimited data plans in the Netherlands and travelling abroad

Well, unlimited data is all fine and dandy, but I’m sure you’re dying to find out what happens to your Dutch data package when you travel.

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Worry no longer because we’re here to answer your burning questions. 🙌

Can I use my unlimited data outside of the Netherlands?

Maybe you have a romantic weekend planned in Italy, and you’re wondering if your unlimited data package will help you upload some super #leuk pictures to the ‘gram? 📸

Vacations are fabulous, and you deserve the data to enjoy them. Image: Freepik

Blame it on EU regulations, but you likely won’t have access to the entirety of your unlimited data package whilst abroad.

Most data providers in the Netherlands will allow you to use a large bundle of data known as a roaming allowance. Any data usage over this, unfortunately, you’ll need to pay extra for.

Will my unlimited data work outside of the EU?

If you’ve decided on a thrilling vacation outside of the EU and have your bags packed for Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein, you’ll still have access to much of your data package. 

This is because these countries are in the EEA (European Economic Area) and can also enjoy “roam like at home” privileges.

The pros: your vacay will probably be a blast. The cons: you won’t have access to your Dutch unlimited data plan. Image: Freepik

That tropical vacay to Bali, on the other hand?

The drinks may be flowing, and the waters may be stunningly blue, but you’ll likely need to splurge on a roaming package. 🏝️

Let op! If you exceed the EU data limits, your internet speed may be reduced. This means that while you’ll still be connected to the web, your loading time will take a hit.

Having read the whats, whys, and hows of unlimited data in the Netherlands, we hope you feel you can now make the best choice for you and your phone. 🙌

Will you be checking out an unlimited data plan? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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