Welcome to Nyenrode’s Breukelen campus (and yes, it’s in a castle)

The Netherlands' coolest college campus. ✨

If you were born in the era of Harry Potter (or simply have a thing for magical fortresses), then chances are that you’ve imagined yourself studying and living in a place similar to Hogwarts. 

While the school of wizardry might be a fictional place, Nyenrode Business University has a campus in the Dutch town of Breukelen that is very real.

I took a tour around the campus to get a glimpse of the student facilities that are on offer here — and it’s just as enchanting. ✨

What’s Nyenrode Business University?

Established in 1946 by multinational Dutch companies such as KLM, Shell, Unilever, and Philips, Nyenrode Business University is the only private university in the Netherlands.

Yes, that’s a university! Image: DutchReview

For over 70 years, Nyenrode has helped turn young, talented souls into strong leaders in the business world.

Offering a broad selection of courses in both Amsterdam and Breukelen, from bachelor’s degrees to MBAs, an education at Nyenrode paves the way for a bright and successful future in business!

International students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a full-time Master of Science in Management, both entirely taught in English and follow and internationally-oriented curriculum.

What can Nyenrode offer international students in Breukelen?

Now… as an international, you might be wondering: what’s in it for me? 

With a university that embodies diversity in its programs, associations, and most importantly, in its people — you’ll be exposed to so many different opportunities and experiences at Nyenrode.

Elevate your career with a degree in business

Interested in earning a bachelor’s degree? Nyenrode’s Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration is a top-level three-year program. For an annual tuition fee of around €22,500,  you’ll get a taste of the real business world.

Kicking off your future career the right way, you’ll also get to expand your network by meeting CEOs of some acclaimed Dutch companies — we’re talking Unilever, Shell, Heineken, and more!

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On the hunt for a post-graduate study? Look no further. Nyenrode also has several master’s degrees and MBAs at your disposal.

The Master of Science degree in Management is a full-time, 16-month journey (including the pre-master), that allows you to beef up your knowledge within one of three specialities: financial management, digital business and innovation, and global business.

If you can’t afford to leave your job to study full-time, that’s completely understandable. Nyenrode also offers two part-time alternatives in Breukelen: an Executive MBA and a Modular Executive MBA in Business and IT.

Good to know: Each speciality comes with its own global immersion program, which means that, depending on the track you choose, you’ll get to spend a week learning abroad in places such as Seoul or New York!

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As part of these courses, you can learn a thing or two (or ten!) from a group of real-deal professionals and broaden your views on business management and leadership — all the while providing for yourself on the side.

Study in a beautiful 13th-century castle that’s rich in history

The atmosphere is immaculate. 🤩 Image: DutchReview

Nyenrode doesn’t just offer students an abundance of knowledge, but also a beautiful environment to learn it in.

Part of the charm of studying there means you’ll get to attend lectures and events that take place in a stunning centuries-old castle. The grand archways, the gothic dining hall, the medieval cellars; can you picture it?

Kasteel Nijenrode, to whom the university owes its glorious name, sits on one of the most important historical trade routes in Utrecht — bordered by the elegant Vecht River and Amsterdam-Rhine canal.

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After the Second World War, the castle became recognised as a university by the Dutch government, and in 2005, officially changed its name to Nyenrode Business University. Huzza!

Enjoy an extensive student campus

We all have a love-hate relationship with a school environment, but a quick glance at Nyenrode’s campus in Breukelen will leave you packing your bags and stocking up on IKEA sheets in no time.

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With a rich, historical atmosphere and stunning architecture that’s tough to beat — you’ll spend the next three to four years of your life living within a 60-hectare wooded estate that houses top-notch facilities like restaurants, bars, a supermarket, sports facilities, and more!

At Nyenrode’s Breukelen campus, you’ll also find Mensa, a buffet restaurant that offers options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From Monday to Friday, you can head down there to grab a bite with some friends anytime between 12:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

The campus capital: The Dr Albert Heijn building & De Rooij building

Brimming with spacious classrooms, cosy lounge areas, and executive rooms — this is where you’ll spend most of your time in lectures, giving presentations, mingling with classmates, and drinking heaps of coffee. ☕

Feel like taking a breather after class? There are a lot of seating options at the café! Image: DutchReview

On the ground floor of the Dr Albert Heijn building, you’ll find a lounge, a canteen, and a restaurant with a trendy and fashionable interior.

And if you’re wondering where you’ll be attending weekly classes, the De Rooij building houses various modern lecture halls with a comfortable and fixed theatre set-up!

A cosy library

Across from the Dr Albert Heijn building & De Rooij building is Nyenrode’s very own library which comes fully stocked with ancient business-related books to borrow.

The building also features classrooms with a lusciously green view, like this one! Image: DutchReview

The library has 20 separate study rooms, each made to hold about 6 to 10 people. So, you can grab a buddy for a study session or use that much-needed shush time to put your head in the books.

Comfortable living quarters

The dire housing situation in the Netherlands has left international students on edge, but fear not! As a full-time student at Nyenrode, you’re guaranteed a spot in their living quarters.

The campus housing consists of five buildings — and depending on the type of room that you want, you’re looking to pay anywhere from €320 to €600 per month.

Comfortable student looking into the outside area — check out that BBQ grill! ♨️ Image: Nyenrode Business University/Supplied

It’s also within walking or cycling distance of the centre of Breukelen — so a quick trip to your local Jumbo supermarket, flower shop, or pharmacist is super easy. 

Want to get out of your room once in a while? No problem! If you ever get an itch for the big city, Amsterdam and Utrecht are easily reachable via public transport, so you’re sure not going to miss a fun night out. 🎉

Luxurious student hotels

Want to get a feel of the campus before you make the decision to settle down there? Consider spending the night in one of Nyenrode’s two student hotels, namely the Plesman Pavilion and the Campus Hotel.

With about 100 rooms spread over the two buildings, each hotel has a stylish and luxurious interior. Since they’re both stationed in the middle of the green campus, you’ll also be surrounded by the flora and fauna of the great outdoors. Vacation in the woods, anyone? 🙋

A state-of-the-art gymnasium

At Nyenrode, having a place on campus for students to indulge in sporting activities is just as important as getting good grades. 

Nyenrode offers various indoor and outdoor sports facilities in Breukelen, from two tennis courts to an entire field for football and rugby.

They also boast a running route for the track-and-field junkies, a fitness boot camp, spinning and boxing classes, and a scenic hiking track that follows the estate’s beautiful woodlands.

A deer farm (yes, a deer farm!)

If the cosy library or the fancy gymnasium didn’t win you over, then perhaps the very idea of having a deer farm on campus will.

Just look at those adorable faces. 🥰 Image: Chia Chi Shen/Nyenrode Business University/Supplied

I mean… who wouldn’t want to be able to surround themselves with these friendly, furry creatures from time to time? 🦌

Make lifelong friends and join Nyenrode’s student association

As a university that prides itself on being community-oriented, Nyenrode offers you a chance to foster close relationships and improve your professional network by joining the NCV (Nieuwe Compagnie van Verren) on campus.

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With over 41 committees and various societies connected to it, any Nyenrode student can participate in the NCV. And in the end… you’ll have a wealth of contacts at your fingertips.

Looking to apply? Go ahead! Nyenrode’s admission process differs per course. You’ll need a copy of your motivational letter and test scores. You will also complete a personality test to see if you’re the right fit!

With a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and a ton of well-rounded courses to follow, students are sure to find academic success at this esteemed university. 

Have you considered studying on Nyenrode’s campus in Breukelen? Tell us in the comments below! 👇

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