eSIMs in the Netherlands: The ultimate 2024 guide + the best options

Easy, hassle-free connectivity? Check! ✅

Choosing an eSIM offers the best of both worlds: you get all the perks of a regular SIM card, plus the freedom of data roaming — without breaking the bank! 🤳🏼✨

In this guide, we’ve tested the best eSIM providers and discovered exactly what makes them great — or not — options for you.

TIP: In a hurry? These are our top picks for an eSIM in the Netherlands. 👇

💸 All-round cheapest eSIM: Airalo
☎️ Best eSIM for calling and texting: Simyo
🗺️ Best eSIM for travellers: Holafly
📲 Best eSIM for a mobile number: Odido

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What is an eSIM?

Also known as an ‘embedded SIM’, an eSIM is a virtual SIM card that you can purchase and install on your devices.

Because eSIMs operate digitally (as opposed to physical SIM cards), they can be used in mobile phones, tablets, and even in smart watches.

This functionality makes them ideal for globetrotters: you can buy a SIM card for your travels from home — and instantly access mobile data and calling/texting capabilities when you arrive.

Best eSIM plans in the Netherlands

If you’re on the hunt for the best eSIM plans to cover your trip to the Netherlands (or abroad), we’ve ranked providers by price, value, coverage, and ease of access.

Here are the best of the best! 🙌

Simyo: Best eSIM for new residents in the Netherlands


In contrast to many local eSIM providers that only provide mobile data plans, Simyo offers inexpensive eSIM packages for calling, texting, and mobile data.

You can even choose between a flexible prepaid subscription or a committed SIM-only plan. The only downside? A monthly terminable subscription will cost you an extra €2.

Airalo: Best eSIM for tourists on a budget


With a starting price of just €4.15, Airalo is as easy on your wallet as it is effortless to install — providing you access to affordable eSIM plans for the Netherlands.

But here’s the catch: Airalo only offers short-term packages, ranging from 7 to 30 days.

Holafly: Best unlimited data eSIM for travellers


Jam-packed with features like unlimited data, automatic connectivity the minute your plane touches down, and a choice of the best data providers in each region, Holafly eSIMs are a premium choice for travel lovers.

However, do take note: While they offer unlimited data, Holafly’s plans tend to be pricier than many other options on this list.

KPN: Best local eSIM for excellent coverage


KPN consistently ranks as one of the best Dutch mobile data providers, thanks to its blazing fast upload/download speeds.

The cherry on top? You’ll also get access to some of the most expansive coverage in the Netherlands. The downside? It comes at a heftier price.

Vodafone: Best local eSIM for unlimited data


Offering unlimited data and unlimited calling/messaging capabilities, Vodafone’s Red Unlimited eSIM packages are geared towards heavy data-users.

Plus, with a whopping 40GB of data to use within Europe, you won’t be running out anytime soon — even if you’ve hopped over the Dutch border.

Odido: Best local eSIM for a mobile number


Unlike many eSIM packages that only offer you a bundle of mobile data, Odido’s eSIMs come with a mobile number.

This is a stellar option if you’d like the calling and texting functionality of a regular SIM — but don’t want the hassle of applying for one.

Nomad: Best wallet-friendly eSIM for European travel


If you’re planning a jaunt around Europe, Nomad’s regional plans are some of the handiest and most affordable options on this list.

You can choose between a comprehensive eSIM package covering all European countries — or a more localised (and wallet-friendly) eSIM package for the Netherlands.

3 things you need to know about Dutch eSIMs

Are you champing at the bit to purchase your own eSIM, but have some lingering questions you’d like answered before biting the bullet?

Here are three important things you need to know about eSIMs before you purchase one! 👇

1. An eSIM can save you money on data roaming costs

If you’re planning on travelling through Europe, then a regional (i.e. Europe-specific) eSIM is generally far cheaper overall than activating roaming on your phone.

If you’re travelling through Europe, an eSIM will save you some major dough on roaming fees! Image: Freepik

And, depending on your eSIM of choice, this option can also be more affordable than buying a local SIM at the destination you’re travelling to.

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Good to know: If you already have a mobile data subscription from an EU country, you can use your provider’s Roam Like at Home feature instead.

This enables you to use your existing subscription wherever in the EU you travel — though unlimited data users may notice that their plan is capped at a lower number of GBs per month.

2. You can use multiple eSIMs on the same device

One of the key benefits of using an eSIM is the ability to utilise several SIM cards on the same device.

This enables you to keep your home mobile number if you’re travelling through Europe, for example — even if you’ve bought a separate SIM card to cover your stay in the Netherlands.

3. Not all devices are compatible with eSIMs

Unfortunately, if your device is an older model, it’ll likely be incompatible with most eSIMs on the Dutch market.

Most recent mobiles are fully compatible with eSIMs. Image: Depositphotos

However, if you have an iPhone XS or newer, you’re in luck! For Samsung, anything newer than a Galaxy S21 will generally also work.

In very rare cases, certain regions may even be blacklisted by some eSIM companies.

Have you used an eSIM in the Netherlands before? Tell us all about your experience in the comments!

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