Racism in the Netherlands: talking about the elephant in the room

The Netherlands is one of the most internationalized countries in Europe, be it because of foreign students, expat workers or asylum seekers.

With more than 11% of its 17 million inhabitants being of “foreign background – 1st generation” (meaning they’re the first in their family settling here – if we count the 2nd generations this percentage goes up to 22!), there’s no doubt the country has to deal with a lot of different cultures. Luckily, the Netherlands is historically acknowledged as being tolerant and inclusive towards foreigners. But is it all as good as it sounds?

Racism in the Netherlands; racist police?

Yes, that’s a bold heading. But I can back it up: according to a report by the Politie & Wetenschap (the police research centre), more than half of the police controls involved allochtonen. Ethnic minorities are therefore over-represented compared to their share of the population, but most importantly over 40% of the allochtonen checked were found to be ‘clean’.

Of course, the police checks are also (1 out of 3 times) based on suspicions, rather than blatant illegality; otherwise, there would be no prevention of crimes. But it appears that policemen overestimate their own intuition: “they assume that seven out of ten people they check are up to something. In practice, the opposite proved to be true: 7 out of 10 checks did not give anything concrete.”

Thus, skin colour and prejudices certainly play a role in whether the police will pick up on someone. Unjustified discrimination is risky, as it puts even more distance among ethnic minorities, locals and the police.

Rise of nationalism

As the Dutch elections showed us, the Netherlands is not immune to the right-wing craze happening everywhere in Europe and the US. And while Wilder’s PVV didn’t get the majority (it has been argued that the elections in the States and the Brexit scared some Dutch wannabe-populists), its second place is undoubtedly a sign that many Dutchies aren’t happy with the refugee crisis or the European Union.

And while everybody is busy debating whether the use of Zwarte Piets is a sign of racism, the black, female leader of Artikel 1 (a party focusing on eradicating institutional racism) Sylvana Simons had to be put under police protection after threatening messages and memes started appearing online.

The newly formed government will try to address the complicated matter of hate (and freedom of) speech but, as someone put it, “it has become politically correct to be politically incorrect”.

“Subtle” forms of racism

Everybody is guilty of using stereotypes. That is just the way our brains try to categorize things and understand the world better and faster. Dutch people often – mistakenly – get called rude, because of their directness and curiosity.

However, put this directness together with the natural tendency to generalize, and add the undeniable pride Dutch people have in their country and system, and here you have the perfect mix for some discrimination.

I can’t honestly say the people I encounter daily are racist, but over time I experienced subtle ways and stereotypes some (few, usually older) Dutch people have that make you feel like you’ll always be an uneducated foreigner to them (joking, but not too much).

DISCLAIMER: These are all personal experiences, and as such they aren’t statistically relevant.

At the airport: I’m a short, dark-haired girl, so that’s as far as possible from the average fabulous Dutch girl. When travelling with my tall, blond Italian best friend, only one of us gets searched and tested for drugs at Schiphol and Eindhoven… guess who that always is?

At the hospital, or GP, or emergency room: the treatment you receive at the reception may instantly change when you show your Dutch medical insurance, instead of saying you have European insurance (my case when I was a student). You’re taken more seriously, and if you come together with a Dutch person you get bonus points.

In bureaucracy: when you’re from a “southern” country (and by southern, I mean below Belgium…) it is occasionally assumed you have no understanding of any system whatsoever: you come from a country of loud, lazy people, and you need to be explained how to put your groceries correctly on the counter (“here we do things this way”) – true story. I came to call this “dutchsplaining”.

Racism in the Netherlands: this is the minority

When it comes to racism in the Netherlands, in the majority of cases I, as well as many more internationals in this country, get treated fairly, with the only difference being the language we are approached. Many non-autochtonen do not experience any discrimination either.

However, this melting pot of a country that is the Netherlands gets continuously challenged by the multitude of cultures living in such a small territory. Things can turn ugly both ways – violent eruptions at anti-immigration protests as well as immigrants riots have happened in the past. So what to do to keep the country sane – and safe?

An easy answer would be: internationals, abide by the law, and try to integrate; Dutch, keep being open-minded (and don’t fall for uneducated populists)!

Anything to add about racism in the Netherlands and such? Feel free to contribute in the comment section!

Feature Image: John Duffy/Flickr

Aurora Signorazzi
Aurora Signorazzi
Aurora comes from the majestic Italian capital, and is working on her PhD in virology at the University of Groningen. She has been living in the Netherlands for four years and is by now familiar with many Dutch habits... But still finds plenty of reasons to be pleasantly amazed (most of the time) by this industrious country and its brutally honest inhabitants!


  1. Compliments for touching the subject and the lightish way you describe it.

    Having a Dutch father and a Surinamese mother while looking as white as most Dutchies including the blue eyes I can honoustlty say that I’ve been on all sides of the fence. As a white kid amongst darker/black family I’ve experienced what I would could unintended discrimination/racism.

    To me this means that people (here my family) are unaware of the extent of stereotyping they use in everyday conversations, not realizing someone’s feeling can get hurt by being set apart as ‘not like us’ or ‘belonging to those others’, plus the implicit association with those preconceived notions.
    In my family situation it was never the case they actually intended to set me apart from them, they just didn’t realize that when talking about the “white” dutch it automatically included me.

    This unintended kind of racism/discrimination is very much present in the Netherlands. I can see it happen almost on a daily basis.

    However be aware that this kind of racism/discrimination is present in all ethnicities, nobody is innocent on this one. Like you said in your article; generelization and discrimination are main processes within our mind, that in itself is neither wrong nor right.

    Seeing that people have different skin tones and colours is not wrong. What people are usually unaware of is that they unconsciously have all kinds of preconceived notions on the different categories identified and the “victim” has equally preconceived notions. Mostly unspoken.and often conflicting or mismatching, these (unconscious) assumptions is where most pain and misunderstandings are created.

    For most Dutch people racism is something along the lines of the Nazis. The conviction there’s a hierachy of worthiness between different ethnic groups with the white people as the pinnacle. In my opinion there’s only few people who actually believe this, the vast majority of Dutch are pretty convinced people are basically more or less equally worthy. Therefor they are not Nazi’s and thus believe they cannot be racist.

    From a Dutch perspective it is quite understandable. WW2 left deep scars and traumatized many, thereby dominating the Dutch perception of inequality between people.

    This does result in something very unforunate, which is the Pavlovian respons “oh no, I’m not racist!” (Again no Nazi) thereby killing an open discussion, especially if it’s with a person beloning to “the others”

    Many Dutch forget that for example the Surinamese people were never occupied in WW2 and don’t share this Nazi trauma of the Dutch.
    For Suri people colonization and slavery are the dominant factors in their perception of Racism/discrimination and Dutch people generally tend to be ignorant or in denial of what the Dutch did overseas and because of this do not really understand the pain and issues the Suri people have with some things

    I could go on and on, but I hope it makes some sense to you 😉 please let me know if it doesn’t

  2. http://www.ministrando.org/jeugdcriminaliteit/statistieken_over_criminali.html
    The reason why there is racisme in the netherlands, see link above.

    If the government didn’t get this as far as it is now, racisme would be a lot less.
    You know the song “15 miljoen mensen”? Now there are 17 million and they ain’t all born here.

    In tv shows like “opsporing verzocht” you always see light tinted young men on camera.
    And if there is a Dutch young men in spotlight, you can see clearly that he has foreign friends.
    He is wearing a hat, a jacket with fur and have a pouch bag on his neck (marokkanentasje)
    Did I really said that? Yep. Look on the streets in the big cities. Where can you see these opportunists? Right, at their foreign fruitlollyfriends
    Foreign people with antisocial behaviour, talking trash, speaks with a fake accent on the streets
    I know it is still a small group, but most foreign people feeling ashamed for these buttholes, but are afraid to do something about it. The police does, but if they do, they getting attacked or called racists.
    That’s why dutch people hate foreign people so much, because a lot of the foreign people can’t act like normal people act disrepectful to others.

    People like Sylvana Simons are the worst. She starts to confront dutch people that they are racists.
    If you act like that, yeah pretty much every white person on the world will probably going to hate you.
    Here we call that “haatzaaien”. Dumbass people like her must be sterilized.
    Looks like they try to do everything to get hated.

    I bet if the foreign people start today with doing nice and gentle to everyone, all dutch people would be supprised and will do nice and gentle things back. There would be no racisme here.

    I don’t hate foreign people, I hate their evil behaviour and disrepects to others. Again, it’s a small group that ruin it for the rest. If it was on me, I would have send them far away on behaviourclass or something.

    • Dear Rob, I wanted to let this go, but I couldn’t. Let’s start off with the truth; you are a nightmare to every foreigner living in the Netherlands! Now that that’s out of the way … thinking that only foreigners are committing crime and that the Dutch media is unbiased, thinking that foreigners ruin your little Dutch Utopia and they should behave better and the problems would no longer exist, saying that a policitian who points out racism and that makes her dumb therefore she should be sterilized is inhumane and racist! You have just proven to us that you are in fact one of the racist ones! I am not going to come with arguments why you are wrong because my energy is spend better elsewhere … BUT! I hope you find yourself some help and get sterilized on your way there!

      I’m grateful not all Dutch people think like you!

      Goodbye Rob! Have a very nice life!

      • Ms. Tahira, Are You Dutch? Cause your American english is good, you only present American or dominantly presenting American Images, and you present this in a way I would assume a non-dutch citizen would respond. I’m not arguing with your point but I’m pointing out a fallacy if you aren’t dutch. Shows lack of first hand experience

        • Tahira’s comments are not very US-based. They are normal.

          Media always has a bias. Rob’s own source actually supports the existence of racism influencing police decisions if you read and understand it. We don’t have to like people who present issues stridently, but when you say that people who campaign against racism “are the problem” then you’ve made it very clear where you stand.

    • Rob, to be honest your answer sounds a lot like “I’m not racist, but…”
      Luckily I have no such experience as “Dutch people hate foreigners so much”. I raised this issue since I get particularly annoyed at hypocrisy. Just like everywhere, also here in the Netherlands some people pat each other’s shoulders telling themselves they’re kind and tolerant, and then fail to realize their own behavior. Which looks a lot like what you did here.

    • Be racist and xenophobic if you want but at least have the guts to come clean and be honest about it.

      Also, try not to contradict yourself in the same paragraph:

      “I know it is still [[[a small group]]], but most foreign people feeling ashamed for these buttholes, but are afraid to do something about it. The police does, but if they do, they getting attacked or called racists.
      That’s why dutch people hate foreign people so much, because [[[a lot of the foreign people]]] can’t act like normal people act disrepectful to others.”

      ‘a small group’ describes a minority, while ‘a lot’ describes a majority…

    • Rob – How strange – I feel the same about white Dutch people (not all white people, because in other countries I have encountered white people who are far more civilized). I don’t hate white Dutch people – I hate their evil behavior and their tremendous disrespect towards others.

      I am well-behaved, do not smoke, drink or hang out in the streets ever; I am employed and hard-working and also very polite and mind my own business. But I regularly experience harassment and anti-social behavior towards me by white Dutch people in supermarkets or in other public places – people I do not know; complete strangers. It is disgusting. This is not my experience in other countries.

      The very fact that a lady like Sylvana Simons gets so much hate-mail and even threats of violence, rape and death is a living proof of the extreme racism in this country. The Dutch want to suppress any voice of protest. They suppress freedom of expression – this is a violation of human rights in itself.

    • I find ur reply very foolish and frankly speaking quiet ignorant. But alas many of the Dutch people are really petty and narrow minded.

  3. @Rob
    I choose to look at you as a human being with anger issues and directing that anger at a general blanket assumption that all “buitenlanders” are people with antisocial behavior. Your attitude oozes of ignorance of what exactly it is you have issue with. If it’s crime, crime cuts across all ethinicities. If it’s drunk and disorderly – that too knows no skin color. If it’s a general nuisance – well guess what that too cuts across all people of all regions of all colors. The assumption and generalisation spewing from you communicates the “let’s blame all problems on this foreigners”.

    The dutch are very diverse people according to me, I know some amazing dutch people who see no color but I have also come across some (in fact a large number) who look at me like I have just dropped from an alien ship as if I have a third eye on my forehead or something so alien. I have even being asked “I find it curious that you are intelligent” (meaning people of my kind are not supposed to have a functioning brain). Instead of perpuating the persons ignorance I chose to take it as compliment. But ofcourse I know its not a compliment!

    As for instititutional racism, it is thriving especially in “Gemeente” or “belastingdiensts”. Especially if you are a new foreigner who is just learning the dutch language! It doesn’t even matter that you are taking an intensive course just so that you can feel part of this society. As slowly as the wheels of learning a new language turn, the wheels of government beurocrats will turn painfully much slower. But on paper and in normal conversation the dutch will be quick to tell you “not to worry because in the Netherlands people speak English and will not mind helping you in English in the big cities”.

    The police treat foreigners as “suspicious” even if you are the complainant! Before you know it, instead of you finding your justice, the spotlight is turned on you! And let’s not forget how the police treat some crimes like domestic violence. The general attitude is “if it’s between foreigners, let them sort out their own shit”. Of course the police will never vetbalise this outrightly to a foreigner who reports a crime of this nature, but they do nothing for the victim. I know this because it happened to me.

    So please before you spew out your hate for foreigners, please try getting off your high horse and look at the humans behind the general blanket condemnation you seem to console yourself with. Yes I am a black foreigner and yes I face double discrimination daily – as a foreigner and as a black person.

  4. Thanks for raising this issue and posting on this site. The posts on this site tend to be pretty light and silly. Frankly, I feel the problem of racism is much bigger and prevalent than how it is portrayed in this piece, but I think you do well to point to a really key point about the failure of many ‘native’ Dutch to both see and acknowledge the fact that there is widespread racism in their society. There is a tendency, in my experience, for people to very easily scoff at places such the United States or South Africa as having problems, but in turn never really thinking about the ways in which the supposedly tolerant and progressive Netherlands is guilty of its own crimes. Racism toward dark skinned people is alive and well, if not rampant. The failure of many to perceive the ritual of Swarte Piet performances and imagery as being firmly rooted in Dutch colonialism and slave-trading is an easy example. Just because you’re a nice friendly family who doesn’t hurl insults at migrants, doesn’t mean that you are not participating in and thus perpetuating a racist institution. An even better example is the tracking system in schools which very effectively sort out the brown people and push them away from university-level education. The official reasons, of course, are lack of individual effort or misguided cultural values. but, the ethnic stratification of students is so widespread that these explanations just don’t hold up. Institutional discrimination is certainly at work in the curriculum, instruction and advising of schools across the nation. I hope dutchreview.com will continue to post more on these issues, as they’re very important. Expats have something to offer on the conversation, but we shouldn’t forget that Expats are usually migrants with a particular class and ethnic background.

  5. While you started off well but then faded away. In a country where there is such influx of culture, we as Humans are bound to have stereotypes. That helps us progress and integrate as well and sometimes causes harm. All of us, expats, complain about different similar things in the Netherlands. Especially your countrymen go nuts over the weather :P.
    I believe, the refugee crisis should be looked into differently as they are two separate things. An Expat moves here for a better life, with an open mind. A refugee is here for shelter due to circumstances.

    • Piyush, I am very much aware that as an expat – and not a refugee – I have countless privileges, not to mention I’m white. I can’t claim that I know what it’s like to be a refugee, nor an ethnic minority, and for the former I have no direct experience (I do not have any asylum seeker friends). I wrote about my (of course limited) experience hoping to sparkle a discussion, and it actually did 🙂

  6. Oh yes! I remember early this year, I was dining with six Dutchies. Two of them cracked a casually racist joke, “Indians fuck like rabbits.” Then they went he he. I was sitting right there. I am from India. No one on the table realised what has been said. Both of them were from a place called Gorinchem and belong to the less educated group. I have seen huge difference between Dutchies of Randstad area and those living in smaller places. I won’t even bother going into details. All I would say is yes, Indians fuck like rabbits and that’s why rabbits know how to work harder for their survival. We don’t sit on our asses and play board games living on social security money. Anyways, racism does exist in NL. Every country has its own problem. NL is great in crassness.

    • It’s silly to attribute large patterns like demographics to properties of individuals, so this type of comment about people from India, even without the gross presentation, would be inaccurate and inappropriate. It’s unfortunate that these people thought it was OK to sum up individuals from a country this way. We can hope they will learn better.

      At the same time, I think playing board games is a great thing, and having a social safety net is also a great thing. I don’t think we need to criticise these perceived attributes of the Dutch in order to push back against rude stereotyping and gross attitudes.

  7. As a dutch living in lot of countries
    I want to say are we racists
    No we are human
    In every country what colour your skin is
    There is discrimination of other people
    Be not a fool it is and wil be always
    Different cultures different habbits
    So comments
    Ok and I am married with a coloured lady
    More comments

    • The hypocrism of people like you is exactly what the problem starts. Dutch bragging about their directness to the world. I believe it is more a far to big mouth without the balls to support them. Als puntje bij paaltje komt most of them are wordwide known cowards.never trust them in any sitiation.Silent hatred from cowards firstclass

  8. Upraise of evil,

    Nowadays, the Dutch become more and more racists. At work, at university even in the primary schools, they grade foreigners lower to prevent them become at the same level. This inequality rules out “issues” with new-comers and segregate people according to the Dutch world-view, i,e a tiny world with less place for other people made of Dutch brain level. No one will be heard, children getting sick of unfair grading system and no way to save off this heal. They even call people from different background officially, with an APART name “Allocation”!
    The worse is situation with children, who do believe in a fair system as a result they trying to find incompleteness in themselves and what makes them sick, vulnerable and angry.
    You would not find any minority in the higher educational system, a kind of “zuivering” – purifying. Human Rights and this kind of organisation would not have any credits provided they lighten such problems. The “Zwarte Piet” or “Black Pete” – a racist feast is another example where all children are forced to take part in. All “dissidents” are being violently “tortured”. So nobody rise his hand of what is happening in here…..
    So flywheel cuts more and more souls, continuing.

  9. i got fired because i fought with an ugly Dutch idiot guy who was harassing me at work when the boss is off. And now i have the same issue at my new work, an issue with a Dutch girl who considers any immigrant a slave. I will leave the job soon. YES NL is a racist country

    • You, an uneducated wealth seeker, will never fit it anywhere. So blame yourself and not others, you are the one who wants to do everything for a bit of money while not having the brain to let that money work for you.

      • AA – You seem to assume a lot about other people. You are also very abusive. And no empathy for another person. Typically Dutch qualities!

    • Kokowawa – I can understand your pain and frustration. The truth is that white Dutch people often do gang up together in an unfair way and harass those from a foreign background.

      • Wow! I’m speechless.
        Reading all of the comments so far is definitely shocking
        I’m currently in The Netherlands on vacation, and the subtle racism I’d experienced led me to googling more info on this topic. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it since I have never experienced so much racism in my life in such a short amount of time. I am so happy I’m leaving tomorrow. It’s a beautiful country, but the people ruined it for me.
        I have never appreciated Canada more than I have right now.
        I cannot believe how Dutch people don’t see how much racism goes on around them. I was here for only a week, and I can list out the number of times I have encounter discrimination or racist remarks. I can’t imagine how much racism foreigners who live in the country feels.

  10. […] Racial discrimination actually dropped from 26% to 16%, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that racial discrimination is becoming less prominent. A increase of complaints in general, and with the high increase of people reporting discrimination from something other than racial matters, means that the overall percentage decreases. This isn’t exactly great either, as it just shows that more and more people feel discriminated against, across the board. […]

  11. Yes, the Dutch are so racist that they even discriminate against Dutch who have lived abroad for many years and have returned. Dutch society used to be far more open and tolerant (so open and tolerant in fact that it allowed pedophilia back in the ’70s). There’s something bipolar about Dutch society. It’s really hard for anyone from any other country in the world to deal with to be honest.

    • I think they are also very jalous and generally very ill favoured towards others kinda people.they would have loved to lived in other countries themselves. And go down on others that have the grace and balls to do so.

      • Rico, this has been my experience also. Most white people (not all) are extremely jealous of the smallest success of another person. They do not wish well for other people.

  12. Mike, sorry to say so mate. But what bunch of rubbish. They are the founding fathers of apartheid and these days hardcore racists. Everyday I get called Ape once or twice. And the person saying it is hidi g. Typucal Dutch cowards.And it aggrivates me. If whiteys think they can go around and call people names. Please donot let them be surprisred if some go ballistic. Next time I hear the word ape. I will stick a knife in their neck. (I swear).I have been looking for a job almost 2 years now.
    They where worse or just as bad as nazis. Remember how this occupied and just liberated country after the war went to Indonesia to slaughter them and rule over others. Study history. White people are tge real curse to this planet

    • They are the founding fathers? You dumb idiot, just because one dutch person created apartheid doesn’t mean the rest has any responsibility. Please go ballistic, you sound like you could really use some TBS. I think you are lying and race baiting like the coward that you are.And your last comments really show your mental capacity, generalizing 3 billion people. Go back to Suriname and take that fellow race baiter and pathetic creature Sylvana with you.

  13. Mike, sorry to say so mate. But what bunch of rubbish. They are the founding fathers of apartheid and these days hardcore racists. Everyday I get called Ape once or twice. And the person saying it is hidi g. Typucal Dutch cowards.And it aggrivates me. If whiteys think they can go around and call people names. Please donot let them be surprisred if some go ballistic. Next time I hear the word ape. I will stick a knife in their neck. (I swear).I have been looking for a job almost 2 years now. And it makes live unbearable.
    They where worse or just as bad as nazis. Remember how this occupied and just liberated country after the war went to Indonesia to slaughter them and rule over others. Study history. White people are the real curse to this planet.

  14. Mike, sorry to say so mate. But what bunch of rubbish. They are the founding fathers of apartheid and STILL in 2018 hardcore racists. Everyday I get called Ape once or twice. And the person saying it is hidi g. Typucal Dutch cowards.And it aggrivates me. If whiteys think they can go around and call people names. Please donot let them be surprisred if some go ballistic. Next time I hear the word ape. I will stick a knife in their neck. (I swear).I have been looking for a job almost 2 years now. And it makes live unbearable.
    They where worse or just as bad as nazis. Remember how this occupied and just liberated country after the war went to Indonesia to slaughter them and rule over others. Study history. White people are the real curse to this planet.

  15. I really can not understand Dutch Nationalism….at the beginning I considered The Netherlands as really polite and opened society, they even did not suffer a fraction of Nazi chaos as the we from East Europe did, also the Dutch were top conquerors, barbarians and looters at the peak of their supremacy on the seas. Now as the time passes by, I am slowly realising that typical Neonazism and Nationalism was ever deeply rooted into the Durch society. First, as a Roman Catholic east European, who was brought on the premises of sharing, helping others and zero tolerance for racism, in the alleged Christian Netherlands, I almost have never seen any of the true Christian behaviour, and Dutch people as a tourists are a true nightmare. Anti Islam Propaganda is a big money maker in the Western world, but no one speaks that tensions in the middle East are exclusively West European legacy. For the Dutch it should be much better to cut the nationalisic crap and enjoy their looted wealth, because it was the foundation of the Netherlands we know today. And as far as the nazi Regime goes, some of the most cruel Nazis were the Dutch people, I guess it is the famous showcase of Western values barbarism wrapped up as a Christianity – but Jesus and Christianity have nothing in common with right wing ideology and barbarism, it is exactly pricks linke Dutch people who gave Christianity a bad name trought history. You can’t make a Christian out of pagan genetics….

    • Yes, they give Christianity a bad name, not the catholic church burning Heretics at stake…you live in a fairy tale world. It is pathetic but that is you.

  16. I agree that in any region/country, there are always somehow Racism there.

    But I am really not a big fun of some Dutch people use “open and direct” as a shield.

    Yes, I experienced some Racism at the Netherlands. Which I can totally understand as we are all
    Human. There is just no perfect country and no perfect man. And you cannot find anyone has 0 difference from you. But please don’t tell me this is directness, and ignore that it might hurt others.

    • How about applying your creativity and doing some slurs against native Dutch people. Possibly a counter for when one hears the bad words, something so accurately spiteful that makes them go running to their mothers crying? We need counter racism in this crazily racist country!

  17. True story. The NL are a progressive country But NOT an inclusive or An accepting one. Compared to european standards their behaviour is Just Plain rude and borderline racist.

  18. The worst kind of racists are really the ‘white liberals’ and I see this among the Dutch too. You know the kind who profess to love animals, wear hemp coats, eat organic and buy fair-trade? You’d never expect them to be racist but it’s astonishing how comfortable they are making racist insults when they feel strongly about something.
    I would rather deal with a hardcore conservative from a right-wing party who I totally disagree with but who has the courage to publicly profess their prejudice and take the heat for it.

  19. Ja hoor, AA. U bent echt niet goed bij je kersen pit.
    Shame on you and your generalisations.
    Go and sit in your little room and dream up more nasty small
    Minded comments. You are a very low and ignorant person. Oh, and by the way I am Caucasian. So what have got say now?

  20. So sad to see that noone knows difference between multi-cultural and multi-racial. THe Netherlands never had issues with other races, the sentiment we see lately is more about people being fed up with the multi-cultural thing, which is a complete separate issue. We are not racists, we want to feel safe in a culture we can relate to.

    • That is utter rubbish. World over, only the Dutch people have a cultural excuse for racism and rudeness. No other culture finds a cultural excuse for bad behaviour.

      • Sure Raj, there is no racism, just a bunch of anti white hate by foreigners, nobody forced you to be here and we sure as hell won’t adapt to an individual who sounds bitter and unrealistic.

  21. Stop trying to justify Dutch racism. It is the only large colonial power that has never confessed to its genocides and war crimes and still refuses to accept responsibility. Rudeness cannot be justified with terms like directness- case in point, Dutch people cannot accept criticism and cannot accept stark mistakes! What is even more surprising is that bad behaviour of Dutch people is never detested/never do I see any Dutch person coming to rescue of someone being abused or disrespected. A good example is how people keep having a blind eye to rude service staff until it affects them! I think Dutch people will really gain from lessons in humility, a general and genuine senses of sensitivity towards others and an apology and retribution from the country to all those it has hurt and exploited in the recent history. Or you can continue the way you are till something snaps and the world economy gives the rude Dutch a goodbye

    • I agree with Raj.

      The Netherlands acquired massive wealth through their barbaric slave trade activities, supplying captive black people as chattel slaves to America, where they were then subjected to a lifetime of barbaric atrocities and complete exploitation till death. Sometimes they captured these people themselves from African villages, and sometimes they purchased these people from slave hunters. Let us never forget this!

      As far as I know – and I am a well-read and aware person – I have never heard/read of a proper and formal apology from the Dutch state about this inhumane slave trade that went on for a long time and generated a fortune.
      (This is the big difference – the Germans have apologized for the holocaust. The Dutch have never really been sorry for this gross violation of human rights.)

      And today we are at the end of year 2018 – and nothing has changed!

      The Dutch only write in their history books and broadcast in their media those things that show them in a good light. The rest of the things are kept hidden. Any person who addresses these negative issues is immediately met with violent aggression and threats.
      In the civilized world of today – THIS IS CALLED THE VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

      • Oh yea genocide of millions of people is the same as colonizing. If you attack nitwits like you they just pretend they are speaking facts, laughably weak person you are. My human right is to have freedom of speech and to not have to give anything about your subjective stupidly generalizing views.

  22. I personally find Netherland to be a very racist country. I lived in Britain for 2 years and I can confirm that there is no comparison between the two countries. Netherland is very difficult place to live in as a black person. I once went in a B&B and I was told that it was full only for me to call them moments later and get told that there are some vacant rooms for rent. Every time I enter in Bristol, Albert Heijn, Coop supermarket and Leen Bakker, I get followed by the employees who work there, because they think all black people are thieves and that they don’t have money to buy anything.

    I also notice that they talk to people only when they want to know your secrets, or when they are giving you a false advise that will make them deal with you the way they want.

    They are also the most complicated people to date or keep a relationship.

    Getting employment in Netherlands is very difficult, there is too much favourism and when you get one, Dutch co-workers work as a family and gung up against you. You end up getting treated as an outsider. This is my own personal experience. I hate this place. Racism in Netherland is Underrated. Dutch people are extremely racist.

    • Peter, After many years of experience I can say that my experiences are very similar to what you write.

      The Dutch want to know your most private secrets. They ask directly – and if you politely refuse to answer, they get offended and act nasty. I have explained very politely to several people that it is a HUMAN RIGHT not to answer a personal question, if one does not want to. There is no compulsion. And still they act rude and offensive.
      Also in personal relationships – my view is that Dutch people often behave in a strange and disloyal way.

      As for employment – this is a hell-hole.
      This country is the poster-child for racism.
      The Dutch like to think of themselves as humane and advanced. What a joke!
      The greatest violations of human rights you will find here in the Netherlands.
      The only problem s that people are too scared to speak up or to write about it.

  23. I have a bachelor in business administration and a master in investment and finance. I have worked in the UK for some time and came back to the Netherlands. It was impossible for me to find a job for almost to years. I got rejectiom after rejection and when I finally found a job my colleagues did their best to get me fired. They ganged up on me for no reason. Peter you are so right about they only talk to you to find out your secrets and when you talk to them they will twist your words and escalate it to the management. To be honest this is most racist country on this earth. They smile in your face but be warned its nothing more than being fake never trust them no matter how nice they act they will stab you in the back eventually.

    • Oh my God, that’s terrible! So sorry to hear that you been having a hard time. Do you have at least some good friends and family around you? I’m Dutch myself as well, and weirdly never felt at home growing up there. I left when I was 19 to travel and ended up in London where I still live now. I’m almost 30, sometimes I consider moving back but whenever I’m confronted with the worst sides of the Dutch psyche I revolt. It’s just unbelievable how small minded and ignorant Dutch people can be, but the most mind boggling is their inability to have empathy. I have become a better person from having seen more of the world and meeting kind generous people. Obviously not every person I have met outside of The Netherlands is amazing and there are a handful of good Dutch people to be found, but there is no denying it. I don’t even like most of my own family and have a lot of trouble connecting with them in a meaningful way.

      I hope you will find a good place to work with decent people, there has to be somewhere. All the best of luck to you.

      And to the other people on this comment section who have had to deal with the racism and exclusion, I apologise to you. It is not okay!

  24. I’m from the Netherlands, and as far as I know, I’m 90% Dutch. Apparently, my great-grandfather was from the east of Europe/west of Asia, so my father and I don’t look particularly Dutch. I’m small, have darker hair and some friends have described me as looking Russian or Scandinavian. This has never bothered me. My friends can call me whatever they want, I know they don’t mean it. What bugs me, is that sometimes I walk on the street, random strangers that want to ask me something, sometimes approach me with caution and start speaking English to me. When they hear me speak Dutch perfect, I can see the surprise on their faces. Not only strangers but also peers and teachers at my international school sometimes speak English to me (although I can’t really blame them either, you never know if someone is Dutch or not just by looking at them).
    The final straw for me was when the police checked on me because I looked suspicious or something. They wanted to check my bag to see if I had any drugs on me. I didn’t, they wished me a nice evening and drove away. This infuriated me. I’m not the type of person to get mad very easily, but repeatedly I have been treated like I’m some sort of tourist. I hope this stereotyping mentality will stop sooner or later.

  25. I found this thread because I was feeling really fed up today, because of a really horrible incident with a Dutchie whom I thought I had had a fairly nice relationship with in the past. The behaviour of this person shocked me so much, that I couldn’t leave the house, because it was so totally unexpected..however, if I look back over almost 30 years in the Netherlands (I am British. I speak fluent Dutch. My most used expression is “ik spreek gewoon Nederlands hoor”), it is actually the umpteenth time that something like this has happened with a Dutch person I trusted.
    I had family obligations here, but I can leave now, so will.
    This country is nothing like it seems, you have to have a very strong sense of worth and a good sense of humour to survive here. I have seen many expats from all sorts of countries suffer here, unless you have a Dutch spouse, a limited work contract or you have your own family here, it is a really difficult place. A comment online I saw from a Frenchman stated that it’s like death by 1,000 cuts. I could fill a book with anecdotes about all the bizarre and painful experiences that I and many others have had here.

    • Jo I have lived all my life in the netherlands and now I am in the UK looking for work. If you are not Dutch then life will be difficult for you. Since you are from the West its less difficult for you. Imagine what black people, immigrants from north africa, muslims and refugee from east africa like myself are going through. No matter how long you know a dutch person they will always see you as a foreigner and treat ypu differently. They think you are noy smart enough to notice it.

    • You will always speak Dutch with an annoying accent, when is your non racist, not responsible for the most part of transatlantic slavery and greedy colonization machine ever going to repay anyone? Grab a mirror.

  26. I have been living in The Netherlands for nearly 7 years now. Before i go into the details of what happend today, let me describe who i am. I am from India and do a managerial job in an IT firm. I keep myself very tidy and clean and take good care of myself (short spiked hair + workout + sauna + healthy diet + perfumes + costly clothes). I know what i just said seems like arrogance but bare with me for a second so that you understand the reason why. If you are looked down upon, you need to do extra to fit in – that’s the indian way of doing things atleast. I was in Batavia Stad today and there was this huge queue infront of the WC. I went inside the toilet and when i opened the door, there was a queue infront of it. I make sure (and for the same reason I am iterating now) that when i leave the WC, its clean even if I am not the one to make a mess of it. When i left, people just stood there without entering. Atleast 7 people in queue did not go in cause they “guessed” it was not clean. Finally a man from behind the line peeked in and went in immediately. I saw that in the mirror while cleaning my hands. I felt unwanted and hated and like a pest who shouldnt even exist here. Well, I faced my share of share of racism but this one takes the cake. It’s not one person, but rather a whole bunch of people who judge you, disgust you and don’t want you there. So the decision is simple, sell my house, my car, my stuff, look for a job back in India and leave. I will make sure I do not travel out and be content with what i have. Thank you and good bye!

    • Don’t let these racists deter your from traveling to other countries. I’ve visited many countries, and they are not like The Netherlands. People are respectful, kind, and polite.
      The Netherlands is just a special place for racists.
      I really hope their right wing government gets elected and seal the country up, so these people can just live their merry lives being proud of their racists views.
      No one will be allow to enter the country if they’re not Dutch, and the Dutch will not be able to visit any other countries. It’ll be a western North Korea. This way the Dutch will never have to deal with the “lowly foreigners” and no one ever has to deal with the Dutch. PERFECT!

  27. The Dutch themselves are so proud of their tolerant and inclusive attitudes but we know that it’s quite the opposite in reality. I know that racism is a cultural cancer, a disease past on from generation to generation but if there ever was a racist gene, I’m sure the Dutch would be carrying it. They tolerate differences only with the idea that you cannot be bias and ignorant from an economical prospective. Tolerating an individual sounds positive but it’s a whole different story when you raise the subject whether they are in fact accepting foreigners and other minorities in their society. Of course there are exception but after living in the Netherlands for over 35 years, I truly can say that I’ve never met a Dutch person who does not carry the racist gene, even if they believe or say that their ignorant opinions and believes are not racist.

  28. Uhm…
    Im dutch…
    And lets be honest… Racism works 2 ways… I wos born and already i wos an evil white witch… Caus…. Im WHITE…
    Yeah… All white people are evil. All white people are racist… All white people gang up on others… Evrything we do is for racism… Oke…

    Anyhow… I noticed living in rotterdam all the cultures do that. Marocans go with marocans. Etc. Etc.

    Truth bom here… All cultures have some racism in it. Against with, black , light skin etc.

    Ok, thats been told.
    Our goverment is creating feeding grounds for hate. Revugees get money, healt care and housing. And wat not. (Dont tell me they aint, caus i know many revugees. And yes they are my frends. And yes they agree with me) white people needa lay bleeding to get social or anything from.the goverment. And housing? Once in 15 years u have a chance.

    The healt care that revugees get for free is getting payed by people that live here. Thats why our healt care now cost 170 euros a month with 350 eigen risico. It used to be 90 and no. Eigen risico.

    Anyhow im not racist, but i do know evry culture has its own ways.

    • Holland as I knew it for 20 years was a great tolerate country as long as you up held the law,worked hard and paid your taxes,you were welcome to live here no one bothered with you.Until recently last 3 years suddenly they to know every single thing you do,RESIDENCE….WORK….FRIENDS….PHONE CALLS YOU MAKE….TO WHOm…..yet they very well know there is no wrong going ons…guess they have to manufacture suspects like in a factory in order to have work to do?
      and to be able to use words like “BEKENDE VAN DE POLITIE!”
      Harassing me…intimidating me…contacting shopping centers to warn them am round…What?!not to spend my money but to steal?!!..get real…

      Going to neighbourhoods l work in and use the neigbourhood Apps to alert people that am working there……so to lookout for me..why?in public transport same thing……ISN’T it sad for someone to go throughj this on like daily bases.

      Why is such a good country like this that l have loved for so long suddenly…Making my being black an Issue??

      But guess what on the annual Stop Racism dag…guess who will be busy demonstrating on how against racism they are….

      To all hypocrites…TALK THE TALK and WALK THE WALK….

  29. Great! another ignorant and “I’m not racist” dutch who tries to justify the dutch racism by spreading lies about refugees and blaming a minority group of people who is not even 1% of the population for the whole country problems. Refugees or non refugees you are going to pay that 170 euros and it will keep going up coz it is something called inflation.

    If you were open minded society you will see people from another cultures walking and befriending with dutch people but the reality the dutch society is a close minded society who hardly accept anyone from a different cultures.

    Furthermore stop bombing another countries and killing its peoples and you will have less refugees for sure:

    • Mo, your culture is toxic, your father came to this country to clean toilets and now he wants you to become major but you are rather a criminal.

  30. Reading all these comments makes me feel like Brian did from when Quaqmire dug into him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVFp8KTEw-k
    And what maybe stings the most is that deep-down I know you’re probably right (just as Brian seems te know Quaqmire is right). We are awfull.

    And not just the racism.
    We’re doing bad when concerning the environment (pretty high carbon footprint and slow change when it comes to making things more green)
    We’re also a tax-haven.
    And we’re the #1 producer of XTC worldwide.

    Though painting us the worst of worst just seems unfair.

    There are countries where foreigners are kept as slaves and not allowed to go home in order to finish big building projects like for a soccer tournament.
    I do know labor circumstances can be pretty dire when working for some of the Dutch farms, but It’s nowhere near as bad as how Nepalese are treated in some middle eastern countries.

    Though what irks me is that some people want to paint their own countries and other countries as Saints.

    “First, as a Roman Catholic east European, who was brought on the premises of sharing, helping others and zero tolerance for racism, in the alleged Christian Netherlands, I almost have never seen any of the true Christian behaviour, and Dutch people as a tourists are a true nightmare. Anti Islam Propaganda is a big money maker in the Western world, but no one speaks that tensions in the middle East are exclusively West European legacy. For the Dutch it should be much better to cut the nationalisic crap and enjoy their looted wealth, because it was the foundation of the Netherlands we know today. And as far as the nazi Regime goes, some of the most cruel Nazis were the Dutch people, I guess it is the famous showcase of Western values barbarism wrapped up as a Christianity – but Jesus and Christianity have nothing in common with right wing ideology and barbarism, it is exactly pricks linke Dutch people who gave Christianity a bad name trought history. You can’t make a Christian out of pagan genetics….”

    While all the bad things said about the Netherlands are largely true. Though they weren’t part of the Western countries that did messed up shit in the Middle East. That largely falls on France and the UK and to some extent on the SovietUnion and the USA. We messed up Indonesia.

    But other countries haven’t been saints either. Pretty sure some of the most cruel Nazis have come from other Nations then Germany and the Netherlands as well. I feel it might just be less Taboo in the Netherlands and Germany. And further back there have been Pogroms and as mentioned earlier, witch burnings.

    And while the Dutch intake of refugees hasn’t been stellar the Saintly eastern European countries have been taking in even less.


    Though these last 10 – 17 years racism has really come out in the open in the Netherlands. Could be that we had a lot of racism below the surface before that. Don’t know… I would have been too young to really notice it anyhow.

    The thing is… We’ve had 2 assasinations on 2 prominent right-wing figures. And now they’re marters. (sp?)
    And it could be that that really made things a lot worse.

    It does seem harder to call people out on racism.

    A few years ago when I had a paper-route I overheard 2 teens who also had a paper-route talk about fellow Turkish students. They were complaining about how those Turks were all criminals.

    I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if those 2 prominent right-wing figures weren’t assasinated.

    There’s a good chance they would not have dared to say something like that with other people present.
    Or someone would have at least corrected them. I would like to think I myself would have spoken out. Allthough Im not great at speaking up.

  31. This makes me feel like Brian from Family Guy when Quaqmire tore him a new one.
    And what stings the most is that you’re probably right. We are awfull…

    And not just when it comes to racism.
    – High carbon footprint
    – #1XTC producers
    – tax haven

    To some of you seem to act like other countries have very little problems with racism.
    I really wouldn’t be so sure of that…

    • traitor sjoerd, what is stopping you from leaving the country, is it your cowardice or insecurity? anyway you are weak, and you know who is also weak: dutchreview, baiting and then censoring comments…shameful.

  32. You raise some interesting questions, DrowninYourSelfPity.

    I do often dream about leaving this country. What is stopping me are the members of my Family that are still alive and for whom I still care a great deal.

    One of the options that I’m considering is moving to Denmark. It still has his faults, but is doing much better on other fronts.
    Though, I’d have to learn Danish for a few years, find a new living arangement, find a new job. I’m currently a postal worker.
    I also imagine my family relatives would like to check up from time to time to see if I’m doing ok. For them to visit Denmark every now or then wouldn’t leave a very big carbon footprint.

    One of the other options I’m considering to get out of the country could be best explained with this comic:

    Though I’d rather just wait with that option till the Netherlands is hit with an inevitable disaster.
    Then I’ll try to remind as many people as I can that we totally had that coming and that we don’t deserve any real pity.
    If I’m still alive that is.


    Anyhow… on the subject of traitors. You could consider Dutch society a dettriment to the survival of the Human Species. Which is pretty traitorous towards the human species. Then again, maybe it would be a good thing for humans to dissapear to allow the evolution for a new sentient species. One that can devolop in a type1 civillisation. One that could find a way to send live to other possibly habitle planets or moons.

  33. I am Asian and I look like normally. All asians are not Chinese or eat weird things. I live in here only less than 1 year. Unfortunately, I felt racist much time. I am not bad person, I dont do bad things and I really try to be nice and positive. But guys screamed to me without any reason, old people look at me very seriously and they dont take off eyes till I gone. In the shops workers say hello with very nice and in clearly voice. But most of workers dont greet with me or ignored me. However now doesn’t matter to me. I met many good nice dutches. I proud of Netherland. I proud of your culture. I proud of your nations.

  34. I’m actually quite shocked by all these comments. I’m 100% Dutch and I agree there is racism in the Netherlands. But before you address me as a racist, please let me explain a few things.

    The police in the Netherlands is often called racist because of ethnic profiling. And it’s true, chances are higher to be checked by an agent if you are an immigrant. But that has (mostly) nothing to do with racism. Fact is that immigrants are much more likely to violate the law than natives. So it is only logical to focus more on immigrants by the police, because chances are higher to find something. Is it unfair towards innocent well-behaved immigrants? Absolutely!
    This ethnic profiling isn’t desirable at all, but it’s understandable.

    Most comments address that (almost) all Dutch people are racist. It’s almost dumb that I have to explain why that’s not the case. I think it has to do with the part of the Netherlands that you are living and/or working. Some big cities might experience major issues of racism because of clashes between immigrants and natives, while the part outside the Randstad is more conservative because of xenophobia against immigrants. The rest of Holland is, in my experience, relatively tolerant. I know nobody who would purposely offend anybody because of colour. Some of my friends are Chinese and from Sri Lanka. Sometimes we talk about racism and racist jokes. They all said to me that the rarely experience racism. They are also cool with racist jokes both about them and about me. I really want to address that I would never tell a racist joke to someone I don’t know, or to someone who is not ok with it. I think it’s all about context. I really don’t want to give the impression that I don’t believe what happened to all of you isn’t true, I just want to give you my side of the story.

    “First, as a Roman Catholic east European, who was brought on the premises of sharing, helping others and zero tolerance for racism, in the alleged Christian Netherlands, I almost have never seen any of the true Christian behaviour, and Dutch people as a tourists are a true nightmare.”

    The Netherlands is one of the most irreligious countries in the world. Most of the people I know aren’t fond of religion because of multiple reasons. Most Christians are very very conservative, while ‘we’ are very liberal. Mainly in healtcare, rights for gays and transgenders, and how we see the world. Our society is also very individualistic. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t cope with them because they are so different. And I need more information about the tourists to disprove your statement about that.

    ”And as far as the nazi Regime goes, some of the most cruel Nazis were the Dutch people, I guess it is the famous showcase of Western values barbarism wrapped up as a Christianity – but Jesus and Christianity have nothing in common with right wing ideology and barbarism, it is exactly pricks linke Dutch people who gave Christianity a bad name trought history. You can’t make a Christian out of pagan genetics….”

    I wanted to keep it polite but I really don’t know how to handle this piece of crap. The most cruel Nazis were the Dutch people? Dutch people weren’t particularly good in the second world war, but the were definitely no Nazi’s. The rest of your statement is just pure Christian crap.

    Furthermore I want to discuss Zwarte Piet. I think the essence of Zwarte Piet isn’t racist. But what I think doesn’t matter here, because people are hurt by this tradition. I get why it may seem racist. I think in 10 years time, Zwarte Piet won’t exist anymore in the Randstad.

    Finally I want to ask you something. Where is all that hate coming from? I really wonder if you are biased by your bad experiences with Dutch people and do not see the good things anymore. And I get that you may find many Dutch people racist. In fact, I think many of you think I am racist. But I really think the solution is to address racist behavior and talk to people about it. I really think that will make people understand what the are doing wrong.

  35. wanting to mix within your own ethnic group doesn’t make one racist..

    In fact, I’m glad most of them may not want to mix. Because that whole agenda is bs. just stay with your own.. it’s not hard.

    • “wanting to mix within your own ethnic group doesn’t make one racist..” Yes it does. It shows that you believe in the concept of races and discriminate based on that.

  36. What an ignorant outsider statement (and of course, a female feel-good opinion). “Uneducated populists” instantly referring and indicating to the whole of the more patriot-minded population to be uneducated.. seemingly having any pride in your nation and wanting to protect it from outside(r) influence gets you instantly demonized, this “acceptance” is going way too far. Our countries will be unrecognizable in 100 years.

    • “seemingly having any pride in your nation and wanting to protect it from outside(r) influence” If we wanted that we wouldn’t be such a small country, we would not havw been a “handelsland” and we would not have colonized diffent regions all around the world. So we should embrace diversity instead of being silly and scared.

  37. Guys, the best way to understand the extent of prevalence on racism in NL (or anywhere else) is to start collecting data, people’s stories / experiences and start documenting them in a clear, specific and objective manner. All expats, internationals, ethnic minorities etc. need to have such a platform where they can fearlessly raise their voices / concerns. Then it becomes clear how big this problem is and support can be requested either from the government or even international community / organizations. This way the voice can be raised structurally based upon collected objective and data based evidence.

    Can Dutch Review perhaps organize such a platform (assuming its controlled by impartial and concerned Dutch citizens)

  38. The racism in the Netherlands is huge.
    When we came to live here a year ago, some Dutch kids started following my daughter who has dark skin and called her names. Later they were more and more following her through the streets, that she had to run. She was already afraid of going out. Finally, one day, they came and threw rocks to our windows and broke one. The police came and they knew already about these young people. We had to move to a bigger city, this happened in an small city.
    Also, in my first job, my colleagues who were Dutch mistreated me and put me to do the jobs that they didn’t like and not what I was hired to. They said because I didn’t speak Dutch.
    On the other hand, the family of my husband thought that I just came for the visa, while I lived much better in my home country. I just came because of my husband, this country is not a place that you easily called home.
    People is rude, prejudiced, hard and racist.

  39. Hello, I’d like to share my experiences of living in the Netherlands with you. I’ve been here for a year now, on a two-year work assignment at a major international IT company. I reside in a well-off neighborhood in Amstelveen, not to boast, but just to provide some context, as one might anticipate more courteous behavior in such areas.

    A few days ago, as I was parking my car after work, a middle-aged lady approached me and began speaking Dutch. While I do have some understanding of Dutch, I’m here solely for work and will be leaving after two years, so my proficiency in the language isn’t quite sufficient for a conversation. Politely, I conveyed this to her. However, her reaction was quite negative. Her demeanor changed, her tone became hostile, and she started making derogatory comments about foreigners and people from my home country. She even brought up the behavior of inebriated British tourists in Amsterdam, as though I were responsible for their actions. It’s worth noting that I am just a white British individual; I can only imagine the experiences people of color may face here. She proceeded to lecture me about the importance of learning the language, emphasizing that ‘you have to learn because you live here’ and complained about ‘ignorant immigrants’.

    I’ve also enrolled in dance classes that I attend several times a week. Often, I find myself to be the only foreigner in the class. While I can follow the class and understand everything without issue, during breaks, nobody seems interested in engaging with me. Some people blatantly ignore me, and those who do decide to speak with me often make unpleasant comments about British people, such as remarks about our weight, drinking habits, and education level. Their bluntness and lack of tact are truly disheartening.

    At my workplace, educated white Dutch colleagues make derogatory jokes about minorities when they are not present. They tend to view me as more akin to their own, being British, and therefore, they don’t hesitate to express prejudiced views openly. I’ve heard comments about how all Asian people allegedly have a distinct smell from a distance, how Asian cultures are perceived as backward, and how people from the Middle East are blamed for the decline of the Netherlands. Frankly, it’s shocking.

    Initially, I contemplated staying in the Netherlands and extending my contract. However, now that I’ve seen the true colors of many of the locals, all I want is to leave as soon as my contract expires.

    I have encountered a few kind and friendly individuals, and I’m grateful for those interactions. Nevertheless, the overall atmosphere here has been quite shocking and entirely different from the progressive image that the Netherlands portrays publicly.

  40. History’s reflections are a layered, tumultuous mix, and time heals all wounds for the living. Know to get there, for a conscious sake. Lifetimes of discussions may have only started with today’s hyper-connectivity.
    I never guessed dogs and cats would get along. Some do.
    It’s important to be tolerant of each other to know together through and through. May feel weird. Together experience builds and surprises, but together experience can also be toxic without knowing yourself and/or another well.

    The Maersk (shipping company) is an aware company.
    Looks like Maersk has been halted in the Red Sea due to security concerns.


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