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To get or not to get bike insurance in the Netherlands? — that’s the question. And it’s a valid one: after all, if you live in the beautiful lowlands, your bike is one of your most prized possessions.

But how does bike insurance even work? What does it cover? And, very importantly, how much does it cost? 

There’s a lot to know about bike insurance in the Netherlands — and our ultimate guide will answer all your burning questions.

Do I have to take out bike insurance in the Netherlands?

The short answer to this question is nee. Unlike car insurance, bicycle insurance in the Netherlands is not legally mandatory

This means that whether you should get insurance for your fiets is entirely up to your own discretion. That being said, certain types of bikes have a theft rate of up to 90%!

Pas op! Especially e-bikes are heavily targeted by bike thieves. Image: Freepik

So, while you don’t have to take out bike insurance, you should still consider whether or not you need it. Especially if you:

  • Tend to park your bike in “risky” areas (we’re looking at you, people who leave their bike near random canals on nights out).
  • Often leave your bike unattended for long periods (at the train station, for example).
  • Have an expensive bike or a (much-desired) e-bike.

Insuring your bike in the Netherlands can have many advantages. Your bike is damaged? Insurance has it covered. Was it stolen from a public place? You’ll get your money back in no time!

Oh, and it’s much cheaper than you may think. 👀 

How much does it cost to insure my bike in the Netherlands?

Now for the information you’ve all been waiting for: how much does bike insurance cost in the Netherlands?

Though prices vary depending on factors such as your postal code, the type of bike you ride, and your age, there’s bike insurance out there that’ll cost you a mere few euros per month.

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Yup, prices for basic insurance can start as low as €2.27 per month for a normal stadfiets. But even insuring that fancy e-bike (which we highly recommend you do) can be as cheap as just €5 per month! 

Think about it: that’s less than a venti caramel frappuccino from Starbucks. 💁 

Looking to get great bike insurance that’s also goedkoop (cheap)? Check out Univé! Starting at only €2.27 per month, they offer one of the most affordable insurance policies out there — for both bikes and e-bikes! On top of that, they offer great discounts on insurance packages. Ka-ching! 💸

Of course, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to skip your daily Starbies — you can just have both! 😉 Image: Freepik

Wanna get even more bang for your buck? Dat kan! Many insurance companies offer package deals which let you combine your bike insurance with, for example, your car or liability insurance.

What types of bike insurance can you get in the Netherlands?

Here’s where we get into the nitty-gritty. As with any type of insurance, there are many options to consider when insuring your bike.

Expiring bike insurance (Aflopende fietsverzekering)

Expiring (e-)bike insurance is a type of insurance that automatically ends after a period of three or five years. The premium is paid in one go at the beginning of the cycle.

Let’s say you have a normal bike which you bought for €300. With expiring insurance that covers theft and damage, you’d be looking at a lump sum of around €70 for three years of coverage. 

If you have an e-bike which you bought for, say €1,200, then the same three-year contract would cost you around €100 in total. 

Continuous bike insurance (Doorlopende fietsverzekering)

If you get continuous bike insurance, your insurance takes the form of a “subscription”. Your premium is paid monthly (or (bi-)annually). After a year, it can be cancelled on a monthly basis. 

In terms of pricing, a continuous policy is often slightly more expensive than an expiring one. 

With a normal bike, continuous insurance for theft and damage would cost you around €90 for three years (€2.76 per month). For an e-bike costing €1,200, you’re looking at around €110 for three years (€3.10 per month). 

All-risk coverage

With all risk insurance, you can cycle with true peace of mind. Image: Depositphotos

All-risk coverage means you’re covered against — surprise — all risks. This includes theft, but also damage to your (e-)bike and e-bike charger, for example, in the case of an accident, fire, or fall. 

With some insurance companies, you might have to cover a deductible of up to €35 for the damage (this is called eigen risico, or own risk). 

Theft coverage only

With theft coverage, your bike is insured only in the case of theft. This includes theft of things that are “attached” to your bicycle, such as a children’s seat or a basket. 

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Theft coverage usually does not apply to “loose” accessories like GPS equipment. However, these can be insured separately as part of your policy.

Naturally, this option is cheaper than all-risk coverage. 

Are there any requirements I need to fulfil to get Dutch bike insurance?

Understandably, the main requirement for bike insurance in the Netherlands is having a good lock on your bike. This lock will have to be approved by your insurance company. ✅

When you sign up for bike insurance, you will also need to provide basic information such as your bicycle’s frame number and the number of spare keys you have.

Let op! Recently, more and more insurance companies have made it increasingly difficult to insure specific kinds of bicycles, or have opted out of it completely. This mostly concerns so-called fat bikes and e-bakfietsen by the company Urban Arrow. 

The reason? These bikes are extremely popular among sneaky bike thieves and have a very high percentage of reported thefts. According to recent statistics, 90% of all fat bikes are reported stolen, writes de Volkskrant. 😳

How do I choose the right bike insurance for me?

Choosing the right bicycle insurance is an important task. After all, you want your beloved fiets to be insured as best as possible — while (ideally) paying as little as possible. 😉

That being said, the best bike insurance for you might not be the best for the next person, and it’s all highly dependent on everyone’s individual situation. 

You can easily compare prices and policies online. Image: Freepik

The best thing you can do is compare different insurance providers’ prices and policies. Other than that, it might be worth checking if your current insurance company offers any special deals for bike insurance.

Looking to skip the hassle of comparing providers? We recommend Univé. And we’re not the only ones: Univé was voted the best bike insurer by the Consumentenbond (a Dutch non-profit which promotes consumer protection). They offer insurance for anything from bicycles to e-bikes (and more!) 

What do I do if my bike gets stolen/damaged?

Uh-oh, something happened to your bike! Well, aren’t you glad you have insurance? 😉

Here’s what to do next:

If your bike is stolen in the Netherlands

If your bike is stolen in the Netherlands, first of all, we’re sorry. There is some good news, though, your insurance can help you out! 

Before you contact your insurer, you should first contact the police. No, this isn’t because you’re a drama queen — you need a police report to file a claim!

Once that’s done, you can file a claim with your insurer. This can usually be done online, and all you’ll need is your frame number and police report. 

Thousands of bikes get stolen in Amsterdam each year! Image: Freepik

It’s worth noting that where your bike was stolen plays a role in what you should do next:  

  • If your bicycle was stolen from a locked-up space inside your house, you can go to either your bicycle insurance or most household contents insurance
  • If it was stolen outside your home, your fietsvezekering (bike insurance) should cover it.

Tip: Before you report your bike as stolen, make sure to check your local fiets depot first! Here, the municipality will drop off bikes that were wrongly parked. You can get your bike back by paying a fine of around €30 (depending on your municipality). 

If your bike gets damaged in the Netherlands

A damaged bike is no fun — especially if it’s broken to the point where you can’t ride it anymore.

But you can rest assured — if you’re insured, your bike insurance will cover the cost of your repair. All you have to do is file a claim. Most often, this can be done online.

It’s important to note that your insurance will not cover damage that has occurred from regular wear and tear, insufficient maintenance and meteorological influences. This means the only type of damage that is covered by insurance is that which is the result of an accident.

Bicycles are integral to Dutch life — so why not take care of them accordingly? With bike insurance, you can pedal with peace of mind and fully enjoy the ease of getting around on your beloved fiets

Do you have bicycle insurance in the Netherlands? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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