Cheap Dutch train tickets for the Summer

Because who doesn’t need cheap Dutch train tickets?

A few days back we ran an article on stuff you wished you knew before you came to the Netherlands, quite a few people responded that they just wished they knew that the NS (our national trains) had a discount card for 40% off for a measly 29 euro per year (here’s the link, in English, thank me in the comments). So we thought it might be nice to round up some offers for even better deals for your Dutch train experience. Because if you don’t like a good discount, then what the hell are you doing in Holland?

Anyways, we did something like this before – with more information on the OV-chipcard – you can find that article here. More about the NS grouptickets scheme is to be found here. 

Now onto the deals!

Albert Heijn – 15 euro – train for a day!

From the 26th of June untill the 9th of July your fav blue Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn is selling traintickets on the cheap! It’s 15 euro for a whole day of trainfun untill the 3rd of September, it also gets you a free cup of coffee at an AH to GO. Oh, but you can only use it during the ‘daluren’ (so not in the peakhours) and that’s the weekend and all times except on weekdays in between 6:30 – 8:55 en 16:00 – 18:25. 

The ticket is sold as a disposable card (so no personal chipcard needed) and you can only buy it a physical store (no online, how vintage).

Vakantieveilingen – 20,50 euro – two trips

The Dutch auction site of ‘Vakantieveilingen’ has 2 single tickets to anywhere on sale for the price of 20,50. This way you can go somewhere for a few days and then go back, or go somewhere on a single trip with the two of you. Valid until the 30th of September, more info and the sale itself to be found here.

But be warned, there’s a lot of administrative hoops you have to jump through – so either make sure you know Dutch a bit or ask your Dutch roommate/coworker/man-in-the-street.

Dayticket and free pie at a ‘La Place’ – 19 euro

The NS themselves are selling daytickets (not during peakhours, again) for 19 euro’s, this also get’s you a slice of pie and a glass of orange juice at a local La Place (those ‘restaurants’  that used to be located in the V&D’s). On sale untill the 30 of June and valid untill the 31st of July – so better hurry!

That’s it for now, feel free to tip us with some other deals and tricks on cheap dutch train tickets!



When you try to catch your train by a shoe-in – but life will have none of it #fail #ns

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