Top Four Destinations for a Cheap-Ass Holiday from the Netherlands

We know. It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s rainy in the Netherlands right now. We also know you love the Holland – but there’s nothing wrong with a temporary sea change! But it’s even better if you can do a holiday the Dutch way: extra-cheap.

One of the best things about the Netherlands is its central location – and that a plethora of budget airlines and bus services keep you well connected to the rest of Europe.

So here you go: pack a budget lunch of bread and leverworst, and roll your carry-on alongside your bike to your local transport hub. These are the top four destinations for a mini holiday on a budget from the Netherlands!

1) The Rolling Hills of ROMANIA

Can you say no to experiencing this? Image: Lauren Parnell Marino.

“I want to suck your winter blues away!” said a lesser-known cousin of Dracula. That’s right, first up on our list is glorious Romania, known for its medieval towns, twisting roads, and the forested region of Transylvania. The capital of Romania is a vibrant city, overlooked by the Palace of Parliament, built during the Communist era by the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, now the largest administrative building in the world.

The Transfăgărășan. Did a child draw this road? Image: Horia Varlan

But there’s so much more to Romania than its stunning capital. Rent a car and travel the twisting mountain roads of the Transfăgărășan, supposedly the world’s best mountain road according to Top Gear. See Brasov, a medieval walled town bursting with designers and great food. Stroll the colorful streets of Sighisoara, or indulge in the nightlife of Cluj-Napoca!

How to get there: you’re in luck! WizzAir have flights departing from Eindhoven to Timisoara from just €23! BONUS: Romania is cheap as chips.

2) Picture-Perfect Portugal

Perfect if you’re looking for something just a bit warmer than the Netherlands, Portugal is a seaside sensation. While a little bit more expensive than other countries that made the list, Portugal is vibrant, colourful, and energetic. And the Portuguese? They are the BEST.

Portugal is anything but basic for your holiday. Image: Samantha Dixon

The capital of Lisbon features beautiful architecture, excellent shopping, and the famous yellow trams. But go further! Travel North to Porto – any city that invents alcoholic beverages is a pretty good city for a holiday in my books. In Porto, walk the high bridges across stunning blue rivers, wander the docks, and get day-drunk on the best port wine around.

Just an average day in Porto. Image: Samantha Dixon

Venture out of the mainstream cities of Portugal during the day to find breathtaking beaches, the water dotted with surfers, or, wander the city streets, lit with colourful lanterns, at night! Portuguese people are vibrant, lively, and welcoming, so make it your goal to meet some locals!

How to get there: Keep an eye out for cheap flights! Vueling currently has them from just €61, but RyanAir and Transavia can get you there too!

3) Captivating Czechia

Known until recently as the Czech Republic, Czechia will surprise you with its modern architecture combined with old-world charm. The capital of Prague is the place to be – indulge in long walks along the riverbanks, spire sightseeing, and the ultimate Czech street food Smažený sýr – fried goat cheese.

Wear REALLY good shoes in Prague, this is a city for walkers. Image: Samantha Dixon

Lonely Planet compares Prague to Paris, and it’s undoubtedly true. This is a city of romance, but also of great beer. Even better, is the food in bars and restaurants is incredibly cheap – this is a country you can gain some kilos because it all tastes amazing and it’s ridiculously cheap. This is a food lovers dream city.

But there’s more to Czechia. Check out the views from Prague’s TV tower, listen to the buskers at the John Lennon Wall, and try hot chocolates that will ruin all other hot chocolates. A quick train ride will take you to Kutna Hora, a delightfully misty town directly out of a novel, and home to a church furnished and decorated with over 40,000 peoples bones.

How to get there: hop on a bus and take a (long) nap – FlixBus and RegioJet get you there from €52!

4) Picturesque Poland

What comes to mind when you think of Poland? It’s had an undoubtedly long history. But what should come to mind? Amazing culture, preserved historical artifacts, and ridiculously gorgeous cities.

Let’s play a game: dollhouses or real houses? Image: Samantha Dixon

Poland is huge! But it has some great key cities that should not be missed in your lifetime and is the perfect break from your Holland home. Better yet, while Poland is home to the eighth largest economy in the EU, it’s still ridiculously cheap! It’s also insanely easy to travel around this country thanks to various cheap bus services that are surprisingly comfortable.

Poland is beautiful, but the food is even better. Eat out at a ‘bar mleczny’, a milk bar that carries over from poor economic times, but today offers great, home-style meals at unbelievable prices. Then, once you are refueled, get out and explore the toy-box houses of the coastal city Gdansk, the medieval walls of Krakow, or the modernized Warsaw, almost completely rebuilt after heavy bombing in WWII. Poland is rich with history and culture, make the Polish giggle with your interpretations of their complex language (one of the hardest to learn in the world), and take delight in this storybook of a country.

How to get there: flights from Groningen start from just €23!

What great cheap holiday breaks did we miss? Tell us your top picks for time away from NL, or even for a Dutch Staycation in the comments!

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