Amsterdam’s Vondelpark was filled with hundreds of partying young people yesterday, violating coronavirus measures. 

This exceptionally sunny weekend in the Netherlands brought a smile to the faces of some, and a difficult afternoon for others. 

The police were forced to intervene yesterday in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, after hundreds of people gathered to party and protest against the current coronavirus measures in the Netherlands, according to RTL Nieuws.

Shortly after 8 PM, the municipality appealed to the people present in the park to go home and warned that the police would intervene if necessary. At 8:15 PM, 10 police vans drove into the park which forced the remaining party attendees to leave the location.

A large group of protesters had already gathered on Museumplein earlier in the day. Some of them moved to Vondelpark after the crowd on Museumplein was dispersed by the riot police. 

The order to stop the Museumplein demonstration was given by Amsterdam’s mayor, Femke Halsema, reports RTL Nieuws.  

People attending these gatherings are done with the lockdown, said a commenter present in Vondelpark. 

“Femke Halsema is using a double standard. The Museumplein was immediately swept clean, but we are able to party in Vondelpark without the police intervening,” another person added. 

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Feature Image: Maurits van der Goes/Twitter


  1. DISGUSTING ,how people are being so selfish ,and not thinking of all that try to fight this disease working to the bones ….
    All should have been fined or arrested….WHERE IS COMMON DESENCY OR RESPECT ?!.

  2. Good luck to the protesters. I have followed all the medical and scientific arguments from day one and know that this whole lockdown is nonsense and will do nothing to stop the virus. The virus is airborne, can live on a surface for over three weeks and will pass straight through a facemask (a mask made of chicken wire would give the same level of protection!). The majority of people who catch the virus don’t even know they have it, and those that do become sick make a full recovery. I can only assume that the lockdown is a politically motivated act, it should be stopped before people become like frightened sheep obeying the whims of government.

  3. Why people not understanding the situation..public make the situation worst.. government has taken much rules and restrictions to control the pandemic.. without public co-operation government cannot do anything..


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