It feels like we only just brushed off the icy chills from last weekend in the Netherlands (there might even be a whisp of snow still lying around).

While the fun we all had in the ice and snow is still fresh in your memory, this weekend you may want to swap your scarves for shorts with warm weather coming our way.

First day of spring

The weather will be “really enjoyable,” according to Buinradar meteorologist William Huizinga. He told RTL Nieuws that Saturday is set to be an average of 16-17 degrees, and up to 18 degrees in the southeast.

If the temperature does reach these dizzy heights it will officially be the first day of spring — claimed by the first day of the year that gets to 15 degrees.

For now, we will have to put up with the cloudy weather for a couple more days with a few more showers set for today and tomorrow. But, the sun might peek its head out on Friday, with a forecast between 10 and 14 degrees.

Sunny Sunday

On Sunday there will be “[n]o cloud in the sky,” says Huizinga. Those in the south may mistake it for the Bahamas with heights of 19 degrees. You may want to keep your windbreakers handy as it will be a bit blustery throughout the weekend, but lovely and warm once you’re out of the wind.

The weather will continue to be warm and dry in the coming week.

How are you going to spend the warm weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Brett Sayles/Pexels


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