Anne Faber Case: Update (and what to do with these sick offenders?)

As we wrote yesterday, with scarce detail, a suspect had been arrested with a history of sexual violence – today more details are flooding in who the suspect is as well as the direction the investigation is going.

The details that emerged tell us of a man with a violent (sexual) history – including the rape of two teenage girls (ages 16 and 17) in 2010 on Queen’s Day, as well as several robberies. Michael P. (27), who originates from the town of Zeewolde, refused any cooperation for psychiatric testing during his trial and as such was not committed to “psychiatric imprisonment” but instead sentenced to regular criminal incarceration for a duration of twelve years.

Dutch Law & The Search

Under Dutch law a criminal serving at least a majority of their sentence may enter a “reintegration and rehabilitation program”, aiming to return an inmate successfully to society, unless there is of extreme risk of danger this is normally a right.

As a result Michael P. had recently begun such a “reintegration-trajectory” which allowed him some freedoms, including being able to leave the institution facility at Den Dolder as part of re-socialization and being among “normal people”.

Anne Faber, who disappeared approximately a week and a half ago, went on a long cycling tour during extreme weather – why she made this questionable decision remains uncertain at this time. Her tour appears to have taken her along many small towns, including Den Dolder, where it seems she may have sheltered from the extreme weather conditions – including heavy rainfall.
A plausible scenario is that she sought refuge just outside the institution where Michael P. was staying.

A Google Maps overview of the institution grounds where Michael P. resided.

What gruesome scenario may have happened then is left to the imagination, but the original search grounds were Huis ter Heide, a small town near Den Dolder – where Anne’s bike and some clothing were found. A current theory is that the suspect took her bike and clothing, cycled towards Huis ter Heide and dumped her belongings, while her remains may still be at or near Den Dolder.
As such the search has shifted towards Den Dolder, including institution grounds, and even the suspect’s room is being searched for potential evidence. Not only the police is involved, but the Ministry of Defense has also dispatched troops and advisers to help search for Anne.

The suspect was already under watch as police hoped to somehow gather clues from his activity, when this remained absent he was arrested for further investigation.

Take a Chance or Throw Away the Key?

As we stated before, the Dutch justice system is committed to reintegration of prisoners into society, only the utmost dangerous are permanently institutionalized, and in many cases these trajectories turn out well. Some with moderate success, others with great.

Of course there is always the chance that things will go horribly wrong, as is the likely scenario for Anne Faber, but should that mean no prisoners deserve another chance? Or should we accept that there is a certain in hopes of successful societal integration? The Dutch population, as well as the political field, are heavily divided – what are your thoughts?

Bobby Salomons
Bobby Salomons
Bobby Salomons is an Amsterdam-based published author and movie-blogger holding up too many balls to juggle at once. Suffering from Tortured Artist-syndrome he is left with no choice or hope until eventually breaking through.


  1. Seems like they need more time behind bars. Or have a high fence around the property were they serve their time. My believe is they never get well enough to be loose on the streets. Believe me I know from experience. Why take a chance to let them loose so that they can hurt another person.

  2. Social integration can only be used if you can absolutely guarantee that the same offender will be controlled and monitored the entire time. Can’t guarantee that? That you don’t have the right to put other people in danger just because you want to sell a theoretical philosophy of “everyone deserves a 2nd chance”. Will this girl have a second chance? No, thanks to this law.

    • I do totally agree with you. And I think this country has still the chance to start thinking about this before it is too late. I hope they can find a quick and acceptable solution. My condolences to that family.

  3. Why don’t you publish his full name? “Michael P.”? Doesn’t he have a surname? He is a CONVICTED sexual offender, so why hide his identity?

  4. He got 12 y again, so basically within less then 10y he is on the streets again because of the system. If I was this girls mom I would have had I lawsuit with the state in failing to protect my child’s freedom and for letting an insane man out on the streets again.

  5. “Anne Faber, who disappeared approximately a week and a half ago, went on a long cycling tour during extreme weather – why she made this questionable decision remains uncertain at this time. ”

    This is victim blaming. Her decision to go cycling during unseasonable weather is no justification for this poor girl’s fate and you are in no position to question it. So let’s not do that, OK?

  6. “Anne Faber, who disappeared approximately a week and a half ago, went on a long cycling tour during extreme weather – why she made this questionable decision remains uncertain at this time.”

    Seems an unnecessary comment – cycling during any kind of weather or time, you should still be physically safe from assault or worse. Why not question the culture that encourages this kind of behaviour in men in the first place?


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