The CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) is pushing for one in four of all new homes built in the Netherlands to be intended for home seekers under the age of 35, whom the Dutch refer to as “starters.” This would amount to 250,000 new affordable homes in the next 10 years. 

The starters would be required to live in the house themselves and can only sell the house for a profit after five years, reports RTL Nieuws. They would also receive a €50,000 low-interest loan which would allow for a lower mortgage. 

The new houses would have total price caps at €310,000. It’s being investigated whether that can be even lower in areas with higher pressure housing markets.

Less control for municipalities

The plan will need to be implemented by a minister of housing, and be included in the National Housing Plan. This will force municipalities to give up the power to decide which type of housing may be built where. They will be obliged to ensure that a quarter of all new housing is categorised as affordable.

The CDA may also push for the National Housing Plan to include more mid-range rental homes with a rent of up to around €1000 per month.

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Feature Image: PhotoMIX/Pexels 



  1. Ooh, that’s great, just awesome. What about the people waiting about 8 fucking years to even come close to being eligible for a rentable home. Do something about that first, will you? This is why I want to leave the NL. I’d have a higher chance of moving to Japan within 8 years than I would have to get a rentable apartment here…


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