Airlines such as Ryanair are now in competition to fill their planes. This has led to a huge drop in airline ticket prices but this must be put to an end, MPs believe. 

Many of these flights are heading to destinations that have been deemed as a code orange risk due to coronavirus. In the long run, this means more and more people will be re-entering the Netherlands from high risk countries.

Flights as low as €5

Airlines such as Ryanair were offering extremely cheap flights to high risk destinations such as Malta, Madrid and Ibiza. Last week, the company sold airline tickets for as low as €5.

This week, Ryanair passengers can still fly to Malta and Madrid for as little at €32 return. Such low fares have many worried that more infected passengers may return to the Netherlands and worsen the spread of coronavirus, which has seen a jump in numbers this week.

Ministers call for an end to low fares

This also adds to the government’s worry that Schiphol’s new testing zone is not sufficient in monitoring incoming passengers.

In a debate tonight, government MPs will call on Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen to talk with airlines. They want her to discuss putting an end to competitive cheap flight prices.

They will also ask that Schiphols testing zone extend its opening hours. At the moment, the zone closes at night, but MPs have pointed out that at-risk flights are returning to the country even as the zone is closed.


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  1. Nothing says Fascist like prohibiting citizens from traveling! If the government succeeds in stopping travel in/out of the country how soon before travel within the country is forced on the citizens? – Prohibit Non-Citizens from entering the country, even if they have a valid residence permit they must wait until this China virus is defeated.


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