From mid-December, all restaurants in the Netherlands may be able to open their doors once again, inside sources tell RTL Nieuws.  Stricter measures will be required.

The restaurant industry has been closed for seating for over a month now due to the government’s coronavirus measures.

For the past few weeks, officials have been experimenting with reopening 25 restaurants, testing conditions such as ventilation, walking routes, and distanced seating, RTL’s sources say.


In order to reopen, the restaurants would need to adhere to strict arrangements regarding alcohol sales and closing times. Both staff and customers will be required to wear masks, and cough screens installed between tables.

“Our commitment is still aimed at ensuring that all catering establishments can be opened in a responsible manner, with workable conditions, as soon as possible,” says Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KNH) in a response to RTL, adding, “for example, by mid-December.”

The conditions will be evaluated in early December. “In the meantime, KNH will continue to discuss this with the ministries on a daily basis,” a spokesperson said.

Reopening not certain

There is, of course, a risk that reopening will not be possible so soon if the course of the coronavirus takes a turn for the worse. A government press conference on December 8 is expected to provide more clarity.


Do you think mid-December will be the best time for restaurants to reopen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Feature Image: Igor Starkov/ Pexels


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