The RIVM has reported 8,015 new coronavirus infections so far today. This is 162 fewer cases than yesterday. However, hospital admissions continue to rise.

Yesterday, there were 8,177 new cases of coronavirus reported to the RIVM. Today has seen a slightly lower number, but the decrease should be taken with a grain of salt.

The figures remain higher than the week’s average of 7,827. Hospitalizations have also risen by 86 to 1,738.

A lag in numbers

Fewer deaths were reported this weekend with 15 deaths recorded yesterday and 17 deaths today. A significant difference from this week’s daily average of 25.

However, this difference can be explained by a weekend backlog at the GGDs, meaning that there is a delay in registering the week’s deaths. Chances are the weekend has seen more deaths than those that are reported.

A grain of salt

While today’s numbers may seem to be lower than yesterday’s, the number of coronavirus cases throughout the Netherlands remains high. This weekend’s numbers are still above the 8,000 mark.

On top of this, today’s numbers were reported at 10am, meaning that there may indeed be more cases that have yet to be reported.


The RIVM releases its weekly numbers on Tuesdays and it is usually on this day of the week that we see a more complete picture in terms of coronavirus numbers.

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Feature Image: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels 


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