Libraries, cinemas and museums on schedule to reopen, regional curfews unlikely

With numbers spiking higher in particular areas, the Dutch cabinet was considering stricter measures for certain regions last week. However, these measures have been taken off the table.

Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Zuid-Holland-Zuid and Twente were potentially facing the closure of secondary schools and regional curfews. There were also discussions about restricting retail shops. However, Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge has announced that these measures are no longer under consideration.

De Jonge explained that numbers are rising less quickly in these areas now, so stricter measures will not be necessary, reports NOS. However, he says there is still a long way to go. “We have turned a corner, but the decrease [in cases] is not enough yet,” De Jonge said.


Cabinet announced at the end of October that the catering industry would be closed until at least December. De Jonge has now announced that this will probably last until mid-December.

This means restaurants and bars could potentially open again over Christmas, but whether this will happen or not is yet to be decided on by cabinet.

Two-week measures come to an end

Certain measures intended to last only two weeks will not be renewed at the end of this week. Libraries, cinemas and museums will therefore be open again next week.

However, Prime Minister Rutte and Health Minister De Jonge will be holding another press conference on Tuesday. De Jonge warned against too much optimism. “We must first hold on to the decline and remain vigilant because the number of 4,700 new infections per day is still much too high.”

What do you think about the cabinet’s decision to cancel additional regional measures in high-risk zones? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Feature Image: European People’s Party/Wikimedia Commons/CC2.0

Emily Burger
Emily Burger
Emily grew up in South Africa but has also lived in Egypt, the UK, Canada and now the Netherlands. She first came here for her Bachelors in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University and soon fell in love with the land of canals, clogs and cheese. When she's not daydreaming about sci-fi movies or countries yet to explore, you can find her writing for DutchReview.



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