COVID-19-infected man arrested trying to board airplane at Schiphol

On Saturday, a 32-year-old Georgian man infected with coronavirus was arrested for attempted aggravated assault at Schiphol airport. 

The man had flown into Schiphol from Georgia and wanted to board a flight to Malta. He was checked by an airline employee at the gate, who found he was carrying a letter stating he’d tested positive for coronavirus.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee wrote on social media, “The man was immediately quarantined and arrested by the police officer.” The Public Prosecutor North-Holland is currently leading an investigation into the case.

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Feature Image: Defensie/Wikimedia Commons/CC1.0

Brin Andrews
Brin Andrews
Brin is an avid ice cream eater from the US, calling Amsterdam home since early 2019. As a lover of mountains, life below sea level has been a bit of an adjustment, but she manages to stay afloat with long runs, wine, and frequent travel. Incidentally, these are a few of her favourite topics to write about.


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