In the last day, 8764 new coronavirus cases have been reported to the RIVM. This is a staggering 589 more than yesterday.

Hospitalizations are also on the rise. An additional 232 corona patients were added to hospital beds in the past day. Of these, 52 have been transferred to intensive care, reports NOS.

As of today, there are now 1,943 people in Dutch hospitals due to the coronavirus. Currently, more patients are being admitted every day than are being discharged.

COVID-19 deaths

The number of patients who died from coronavirus in the last day amounts to 59. This is up from the 46 deaths reported the day before.

The RIVM reported an average of 30 deaths per day in the past week. This is another increase from the average of 21 deaths per day in the previous week.

However, the GGDs continue to struggle with backlogs so many of the deaths reported this week could have actually occurred in the previous week.

Concerning trends

Some things don’t seem to change when it comes to COVID-19 in the Netherlands. Amsterdam continued to register the highest numbers in the country, seeing 751 new cases this week. Rotterdam (473) and The Hague (293) come in second and third as usual.


The following graph demonstrates the worrying trend that is developing.

Image: RIVM/Public Domain

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