We’ve all been waiting for some proper Dutch winter this season, but beyond some (chemical) snow in Limburg, it seems we are on an outer trend towards spring.

So, what can we expect from the last month of winter? Weerplaza reports the following:

First week of February is somewhat business as usual

The weather will reach a maximum of 12 degrees in the upcoming first weekend of February. Expect instability, lots of clouds and rain, with the first Sunday, on the second of February, being especially wet.

On the first Monday and Tuesday of the month, the weather will be relatively high for the season. From Wednesday onward however, prepare your sweaters, as the nights will be quite frosty. Frosty weather will bring with it dry air, thus reducing the amount of precipitation

Mild weather and showers in the second week of February

Don’t get used to the dry weather. By the time the second week rolls in, there will be another period of temperature that is higher than average, up by 2 or 3 degrees Celsius. Chances are that we will see more rain in this period, brought forth by a western wind.

The third week will also be similarly mild, with slightly higher rain than usual.

Some spring by the end of the month?

There might be dry air and higher than average temperatures in the last week of the month. The dryness might continue in the first week of March as well, but as we all know too well in this country, it’s better to not get our hopes up too high in regards to the forecast.


Would you rather have a bit more winter, or should spring come around already? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: nikontino/ Flickr


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