February is likely to be free of serious snowfall, predictions show. This winter has been milder than usual with no significant signs of snow at all. According to Nu.nl, this will remain the same in the next five weeks. However, the first frost of this winter season was recorded in South Limburg when it was -5.4 degrees Celsius. 

The last time it was freezing was on January 31, 2019. So it’s been a long time since we’ve had snow in the Netherlands. “For the time being, we have not been relieved of the western airflow. Disruptions from the ocean continue to come our way and that is not what you need for a prolonged cold winter period, for that the wind has to come from the east, preferably in combination with a high-pressure area”, says Raymond Klaassen from Weerplaza to Nu.nl.

Cold weather in Limburg with some snow reported

However, there were recorded freezing temperatures before with -4.1 degrees in Heino and Hupsel on December 28 and -4.9 degrees on January 1 in Hupsel. There were more cases but they all showed only a slight frost (0 to -5 degrees).

…but that’s not likely to mean snow in the rest of the country this winter

We have reason to worry about this as the temperatures are not cool enough for it to snow. The temperature maps show red spots where it has to be blue this winter. “We call it too hot a blob or bubble. Blue spots are needed for low temperatures.”

He concludes that we might get snow on some days but we are not going to see a “consistent build-up to a prolonged cold winter situation”.

How disappointed are you that there’s no snow yet this winter season? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature Image: Free-Photos/Pixabay



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