Some vandals had a field day with 8 railcar coaches belonging to NS. They spray-painted all 8 of them in silver spray paint. These railcars were not in use and were stationed at Wormerveer, Noord-Holland. So now the whole train is out of service to be cleaned, reports RTL Nieuws. 

This “antisocial behavior”, as termed by an NS spokesperson, was made easy because of the absence of proper security, says Wormerveer resident Michel Schermer. He tweeted and posted on Facebook where exactly the vandals had broken into the station, and where they had discarded their aerosol cans.

He said on Facebook, “One or more miscreants have sprayed the back of a train of the Dutch Railways. The eight trains are completely sprayed, even the windows and doors. More and more often there are vandalism at [the] station Wormerveer [like] windows [being broken in] the waiting area and graffiti in the tunnel and on the platforms.”

Security must be improved

He continued to say, “Now that the station in Wormerveer is increasingly used as a train yard, supervision would be useful to prevent this kind of vandalism in the future. It might be time for the municipality of Zaanstad or ProRail to place surveillance on and around the stations. This costs a lot of money every time to recover and we finally pay it ourselves.”

It is difficult to look at the silver lining of a situation like this. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Miguel Á. Padriñán/Pixabay



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